Saturday, August 25

My first true day of freedom...

I am pretty thrilled to have a day to myself. Only in the sense of no school. We got really--and I mean really behind in out school this past year. We bought a house, remodeled it (I did 75% of the work or at least had to supervise the incompetent people we had working on it) and then moved. I also was pulled into our woodshop a lot to do staining and sanding stuff for my hubby when all his employees disappeared (went to jail or quit). As of today my dd11 needs to finish a report on Wisconsin's industry and my ds6 only has 3 spelling lists left. No biggie, so I feel FREE!

I plan to do some laundry which was on hold because the news said it would help with the flooding situations around here to wait on it. I think it's safe now. I hope.

I might work in the yard a bit.

Or I still need to scrape the rest of my porch floor to be able to paint it. Ah, you should've seen it before! I have pictures of my house before and after the remodel... It's amazing the transformation. Ok, I'll post a couple and if anyone requests more, I'll post more.

So, this is the kitchen before....What a mess, eh? When you touched the metal cabinets, they crumbled because they were so rusty.

This is the same shot. We tore out the old pantry and moved the plumbing so not the sink is in the corner.
And this is the kitchen as of today...still has work. I need doors, drawer fronts, island countertop and still need some cabinets on the other side where you can't see.

Hmm...I think I want to post some more...
This a shot of the dining room while standing in the living room...My daughter said she didn't want to live here because it smelt so badly!

Now, she thinks it is beautiful!

Did I mention this is only 3 months later??

I think some may think I am bragging? But if I am, I think in this case it is allowed. If everyone knew how all this came about, the money spent, the money saved, the loan ordeal. It was all simply amazing and in my mind, completely of God. We were blessed so much in getting this house! No, It's not the best neighborhood, but you know what, this is our home!

Yes, I have more pictures, but I will spare you! lol


Jessica said...

WOW!! What a BEAUTIFUL remodeling job!!! That kitchen sink in the corner is so neat. And I LOVE the floors in the dining room.

My parents decided to remodel our Dining Room, Living room, Hallway, and Stairway, and my Fiance and I helped them. We started right after Christmas. It looks Beautiful now.... but it was a LOT of work!! (Someone that lived here before my parents, had put carpet on top of BEAUTIFUL hardwood floors, so we decided to pull up the carpet and refinish the hardwood.... well, when we got the carpet up, we found out that someone had also GLUED laminate flooring on TOP of the Hardwood floors in the dining room!! What a mess!! But we FINALLY got through all that, and they look so pretty now!!) I know how it is to do remodeling... It is not easy, but it is worth it when you (FINALLY) see the finished product! :)

I would LOVE to see more pictrues!! You should post them. I might have to post some pictures or our remodeling job. I'm not sure if I have any "before" but I know I have some "during remodeling" and of course "after"!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!! (I put a link to your blog in the sidebar of my homeschooling blog, I hope you don't mind!)

Hope you are having a wonderful night!!


Willow said...

Wow! That looks really nice! I'm exhausted just thinking of all the work you put into it!

try2bAsunbeam said...

Thanks, Jessica, I'll have to visit you again :) ANd add you to my sidebar too.

I would love to see pictures of your remodel. I definitly have more pictures, but I'll have to post them a different day. I'll be out of town tomorrow! Enjoying this no school freedom. lol

Devoted Heart said...

Thanks for your coment on my blog =)

Your remodeling is fantastic! I love stuff like this. There's nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment - looking at a finished job and being able to say "I did that with my own two hands!" I love it!! I hope you come by again...


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