Wednesday, August 29

Notes, school and Older ladies

I actually caught myself taking notes! I seem to have a great idea for a post, but by the time I get to the computer, it has usually slipped my mind. So, yesterday, I wrote something down. I remember doing it, but I can't find what I wrote or recall what it was! At least I tried.

It was dog hot yesterday around here. It's part of living in Wisconsin to have these hot hot days and then next week it'll be snowing! lol I'm kidding. But I could see next week in the 60's.

I finished school last week, and next week I start again. Hmm, for some reason, I feel like I didn't get a summer this year. Wonder why I feel that way...I really look forward to school this year. I am bound and determined to do an absolutely fantastic job and be the best teacher I can possibly be! I sometimes say that I am the reason they came up with Public School because I am just not a gifted teacher. I try, but it's not something I am good at. I like to learn, but it seems that it's hard for me to pass it on to the kids. I've seen Craig at the dinner table or wherever really, just snatch up a moment and use it to teach. And the kids seem to enjoy it. But with me, it is always drudgery for them. Saddens my heart...

Another thing I have, that isn't normal, is that a friend of mine goes over all my papers and gleans them to see what grading mistakes I made. Usually things I missed--sometimes really dumb things--things I am utterly embarrassed I missed. I can't even tell you what they are. 11-7= 5 sort of things... And when school gets rolling, she comes to my house once a week and hangs out for school so that when I am teaching, I can bombard this smart older woman with all my questions! It seems to me to be the ideal biblical example of an older lady directing a younger one. I wish everyone could have one for themselves.

I can call her any time I have a question. She is the queen of grammar! Any question on diagramming sentences or verbs and participles and tenses and such, she has the answer! It's almost spoiling me, I think. No, it's actually really good for my kids to have this because I know myself and I would not take the time to look up the answer to say "why" something is the way it is, but instead would say it's that way becasue the Teacher book says so!

I am so lazy! As I write I can see maybe some reasons why I'm not a good teacher...Regardless, this year is a new year and WILL do better!


Anonymous said...

Teaching is hard, but homeschooling - sometimes impossible.
My mom gave up her time to teach 4 children at home because my parents felt God was leading them to do so. She had no teaching experience, and only 1 year of college. She started this about 20 years ago - back when homeschooling wasn't as popular. She got dirty looks and probably felt like the minority a lot in the beginning.
Not only did she teach us math, science, and all the other basics, she learned with us; she showed us the importance of family, communication, and trust. To this day, I call my siblings my best friends.
My mom isn't the smartest lady in the world, but she raised a lawer, a company executive, a marketing consultant, and a make-up artist.
The process is hard, but someday your children will look back and thank you for blessing them with the chance to be exactly who they were created to be.

try2bAsunbeam said...

Thankyou so much for your comment! I'm not sure what God wants them to be...I just pray that they stay with Him through their lives and let Him lead all the way through...kind of like my post "Dancing with God". That's what I want for my kids (and me)

Willow said...

You would be the last person anyone could ever accuse of being lazy. Take a deep breath, and remember what you are trying to teach while you homeschool. I taught my son until he went to high school. By that time, he had a good head on his shoulders, and the right values. Anything academic I missed teaching, he was able to pick up. Schools can't teach morality and ethics. I gave him what I could give him, and then when it was necessary, turned him over to a different educational system so that he could learn other things. It worked out fine. Your home school experience will probably be much different than mine, but still turn out fine too. Don't sweat the small stuff!


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