Thursday, September 6

Live and Let Live

interesting...I read on a blog that someone finds religious people (didn't say me directly) hard to *deal* with because they have an attitude of being great and wonderful by their need to share their faith, or something to that effect. So, I am arrogant because I actually believe what I believe...How does somehow equate, that I am arrogant and think I have a BETTER relationship with God than anyone else in the world--thinking I am better than someone else only because I'm not chicken to say what I believe? Because as they put it, I have the need to share my beliefs. Of course, in the end, they say "live and let live".

One thought I had was why can't these people let me just live and let live. It's a free nation, speak what you like, listen to what you like, or, I don't know--don't listen! In cyber-land it's called the delete button or there's a little red x in the upper right hand corner on your screen, and if you click on it, what do you know?--what you didn't want to read disappears!... Or I can always take this as a polite, "Don't try to tell me about God, I know enough, Thank-you."

Barely voicing my opinions of origin and God on this person, (*sigh*) I merely answered a question she asked with my own opinion. Her question was something about where to find a wonderful peaceful place where money doesn't matter-no taxes ect. and I answered in "the arms of my Savior". Now, I realize this may not really be towards me and my comment but then again it probably is...Maybe these people need to add a header on their blog--any spiritual reasoning or gibberish need not be posted. I can't deal with people like you." Talk about lack of tolerance! (rolling my eyes here---uh-oh maybe I am arrogant...)

Then...this person also said in regards to telling a stranger she could by laundry soap cheaper somewhere else...

But it's all good. I'm sure the other mom-figure who was the recipient of
none-of-my-business was glad I said something.

Now, my speaking up about getting eternal life for FREE, rather than an eternity burning in flames, is me being haughty... Just as that mom-figure who believed her that the soap was cheaper elsewhere was happy; the person who believes Christ paid for their sins and then spends eternity in heaven would be pretty ESTATIC that I opened my mouth, eh? Does anyone else catch the blatant contradictions here? Or is it just me?

My friend said when I first got saved, that as a person grows spiritually and keeps their focus on their faith, they won't need to separate from ungodly people, they will automatically separate from you. I have found that to be very true. It's like the verse that say what does light have to do with dark and Jesus with Satan. Either the bad company corrupts your good morals or the bad company moves on.


Jessie said...

Aw, I can relate. I wish I had your boldness and zeal. I am trying to be more honest and open about my own beliefs. I found that over the years I had withdrawn in a a sort of self-protective defensive mechanism-of sorts. -does that even make sense? :)=
I have found that over the years what you said is true. People will depart from you as you draw closer to the Lord. It seemed I would not even have to say anything or do anything, but they would withdraw and even I would hear reports of how badly they now thought of me. However, I am finding that there is a full circle that comes, esp. in the area of those family or kindred relationships. Now, my husband and I are sought out. We are receiving invitations to people's homes that we have not been invited to for years. People are calling us up. You see, they see the Blessing of the Lord on our lives! They are drawn back and attracted. They may not understand and they may think we are a little weird, but they are curious now, because they see how good our lives have become. SO now we are able to better witness to these loved ones and old friends from years past. Now they ask questions and they are more ready to listen and "chew on" what we have spoken in their presence. It is truly a wonderful thing to experience and see! Isn't our Lord Jesus so good?!! I am rejoicing with you in my salvation and the life that we have! It is a full and abundant life. It overflows with goodness!!
(ok, now you got me going...*giggles)

try2bAsunbeam said...

thanks for your comments, I suppose it makes me feel somewhat better...My pastor said that these type of people are more than likely just bothered by the abundance of faith you have in something they disdain...


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