Tuesday, January 15

Homeschool Tracker

Wow, have I missed you guys! I've been so utterly busy in real life. Between burgalaries, business taxes, and my new Homeschool Tracker--my world is in a daze! lol
While the burglary stresses one out -with all the getting prices of comparable replacements of your stuff, and, not to mention, going to the PD 3 times to get the police report and it not being ready yet, even though they told me it would be each time--and well, Lord knows about taxes....*sigh* they are overwelming enough for a person who doesn't own a business!
So, this Homeschool Tracker software is supposed to somehow make my life easier.

I know I got the free version a couple years back and thought it was way too much work to download everything and type each individual lesson in, that I just deleted it off my computer and went back to pencil and lesson plan book. But this time I paid for the Plus version and it is awesome. You can download the plans that other people already filled in that match your curriculum books, leaving you with, like, no real work except to tweak their plans a bit to fit you! And if you DO have to do some yourself, you can copy a simple lesson plan for one day 170 times and just add/change the page numbers or whatever, making it so much easier and quicker! I know this probably doesn't make too much sense if you don't have the program--in fact I KNOW it doesn't make sense because when my friend Sue was telling me about it all, I thought she was from another planet or something! :)
But now, I think it's great! And I can't wait to put it into action. It is a little nerve wracking to take the plunge of a whole new schedule or whole new way fo doing things, but I know I can...I know I can... (I'm one of those people who always order the same thing at a restraunt for fear I won't like what I order if I try something new)

Oh, and last night, I accomplished the impossible with the Lord's help. Since I bought this new printer, I didn't have it hooked up to my wireless network, because I didn't know how to do it, but because I put the Homeschool Tracker on my laptop, I had to get the printer up and running. (I could only print off the desktop before). Right now, I can't afford to have my computer guy come out and do it, so I pulled out the manual and went to it.
Ahhh, but it didn't go smoothly. My computer kept saying I needed to insert the original MicroSoft XP disk (as though, any normal human would have it) because it was missing a file...The printer would print, but becasue this file was missing the install wizard deleted the printer and said the installation failed-removing the printer...I enev tried to turn off the computer without the install wizard deleting the printer... I searched and searched for this file...but it just wasn't in my computer. All the while, I said Lord lord, can't you help? It wasn't an on my knees sort of prayer, just a subconcious sort of prayer...(what I consider as praying without ceasing-my God always talking with me inside my head--don't worry, I don't hear Him talking back!) Ok, so somehow, I found this files in the depths of my computer, not even named as the one I was looking for and when I clicked OK, the install continued. I kept looking at my computer wondering what in the world it was doing because I still have no clue what I did...I think as I sat there waiting for it to finish installing, I thought it was going to blow up or something. I may even had shed a tear. Either way, I was absolutely amazed! I have no clue how it worked, I'm still a bit in shock! What an awesome God! To think He is even helping us with those little things like that! Amazing!


ChRlswfe4Jesus said...

I quit using the tracker for the same reason you did. I am so glad to hear that once one pays it is way better. I will keep that in mind for the upcoming years. Dawn

Jessie said...

Last year Homeschool Tracker was a huge help to me. This year I have a different curriculum with most of the planning all done. I only use my tracker to keep track of our attendance. Blessings!

Sharon said...

I am glad you found something to make home schooling easier.
And I would say you had a cool God moment with the printer.

I will so give you an I UNDERSTAND when it comes to the paper work after a break in.
Mine was not with insurance companies though. We were renting so we had no home owners to cover what was stolen. But dealing with missing cards and changing bank accounts.I do hope that was a first and the last.
I am glad they did not get your computer.

Devoted Heart said...

Ahhhh yes, the wonderous joys of computors! =)


The Maker of all human beings is recalling all units manufactured, regardless of make or year, due to a serious defect in the primary and central component of the heart. This is due to a malfunction in the original prototype units code named Adam and Eve, resulting in the reproduction of the same defect in all subsequent units. This defect has been technically termed "Subsequential Internal Non-Morality," or more commonly known as S.I.N., as it is primarily expressed.

Some other symptoms include:
1. Loss of direction

2. Foul vocal emissions

3. Amnesia of origin

4. Lack of peace and joy

5. Selfish or violent behavior

6. Depression or confusion in the mental Component

7. Fearfulness

8. Idolatry

9. Rebellion

The Manufacturer, who is neither liable nor at fault for this defect, is providing factory-authorized repair and service free of charge to correct this SIN defect. The Repair Technician, Jesus, has most generously offered to bear the entire burden of the staggering cost of these repairs. There is no additional fee required.

The number to call for repair in all areas is:

Once connected, please upload your burden of SIN through the REPENTANCE procedure. Next, download ATONEMENT from the Repair Technician, Jesus, into the heart component.

No matter how big or small the SIN defect is, Jesus will replace it with:
1. Love
2. Joy
3. Peace
4. Patience
5. Kindness
6. Goodness
7. Faithfulness
8. Gentleness
9. Self control

Please see the operating manual, the B.I.B.L.E. (Believers' Instructions Before Leaving Earth) for further details on the use of these fixes.

WARNING: Continuing to operate the human being unit without correction voids any manufacturer warranties, exposing the unit to dangers and problems too numerous to list and will result in the human unit being permanently impounded.

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Thank you for your attention!

Please assist where possible by notifying others of this important recall notice, and you may contact the Father any time by "kneemail".