Wednesday, September 24

Tears on my pillow 2

I was thinking maybe I ought to update the post from the other day. Craig and I talked some more about it and while we didn't really figure anything out, I just want you all to know I somehow feel better. My husband is such a sweetheart and he really tries to do all he can for us as a family. No, he's not prefect, but he sure does try!
I went back and read my post from the other day and for those who have read it, I am afraid I may have portrayed my husband is a poor light. Something I try to take care not to do. I hope no one saw me as bashing him, because that I was not doing. In the situation, there isn't really a black and white answer and I think I was expecting him, my knight in shining armor, to hop on his stallion, come running to rescue me out of my pathetic despair and, well, just "fix it." Reality says he can't just "fix it." Aww shucks.


Alisun said...

Do not feel condemned in any way you needed to talk this out and you sought the comfort of women who have been frustrated with husbands. Venting is way of blowing off steam good or bad it is what it is. Others can not help if they do not how I did not feel you love your less because he did not get it most of the time it that way and then they do and it can heal. I work with my hubby and I do not get it most days but I have learned to let God teach me as to his needs and God can do the more in the home.

Sharon Brumfield said...

I didn't take it as husband bashing at all. I think it just really showed what we all go through at one time or the other- just because God made us different male and female.
And, even if our husbands are our knight in shinning amour...they are not perfect...or we would not need God. Right?
Glad ya'll got to talk...usually once Keith has a chance to understand how much something is really bothering me...he will sit and listen even if he does not have the answer. I don't have to use the super glue in the chair too often. ;) JUST KIDDING! Feeling a tad silly tonight.
So not to worry...I understand what you were saying and the spirit in which you were saying it.

Anonymous said...

I really adore your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and to your husband's reputation. It is precious and something we don't see as often as we should anymore. I think you are to be commended.

Monday through Sunday said...

I agree with jessie. :) Hang in there! I am praying that the Lord will give you wisdom in regards to this! :)


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