Wednesday, October 8

The debate.

OK, so I never saw myself as some sort of political type person. No, I didn't know who my representatives and congress people or mayor or even who my police chief was until I had to make a list of them for our homeschooling. But as I watched part of the debate last night, I was really turned off.
I mean, seeing as I am not really aware of all the ins and outs of the economy, I am watching these men as their personalities unfold on the stage. I don't really care too much about politics, because none of it changes for me where my hope lies and where my trust is. I saw the one or should I say, that one, as a pompous idiot who spoke as if he knew everything, but was really just umm...the only word coming to my mind is jerk. Sorry.
The guy paid no attention to the time limits and when to the fact he wasn't supposed to respond anymore. It was supposed to be MC OB MC or OB MC OB, not MC OB MC OB!! Brokaw says end discussion, so then he talked over Brokaw as if he was the chief of the tribe. I just thought it was rude and obnoxious. If he's that haughty now, how will he be if he actually becomes the head guy in the White House?
And McCain...
I just saw him as, I don't know...fake. Sorry, but he didn't feel real to me. Like when Palin was talking in her debate, she still seemed real. She was almost too relaxed with the winking and stuff. Kind of unprofessional... Maybe he was just uptight or nervous...I thought he was much better at keeping his composure than Obama. Obama seemed irritated with McCain a couple times and McCain was right about saying that Obama running out shouting, "I'll get you to Pakistan, was it?, was dumb. Just plain dumb.
I am voting for McCain. But I am voting for him because of moral reasons, nothing to do with the economy or anything that has been discussed in the last two debates.
I really saw this debate as whining sniveling children argueing over peanut better and jelly.


Sharon Brumfield said...

I am pretty disgusted with the whole thing.
I am tired of people saying they stand for something and then as soon as they are put on the spot-- they find a way to squirm out of it.
I don't think there is anyone who believes what I believe all the way. And I don't know if I want to put my support behind anyone...even McCain. Even Palin who says she is a Christian has squirmed out of some beliefs she said she had.She needs to remember that one day we will all stand before GOd and answer for denying God and His ways.
I watched the debate too...and i share most of your views on those guys. What a mess we are in.

ChRlswfe4Jesus said...

Thanks Becca, I needed the laugh this AM. OK, I know this is no laughing matter, yet how they act is a joke. I am committed to praying for our country.

Frasypoo said...

Loved that last sentence !
I think these debates are a waste of money and time.
A GA congressman called the Obamas"uppity" and there has been a big deal amde over it and they somehow landed at "racism"

PS:Love the part on your profile about
I am a born-again eternally secure, can NEVER lose my salvation type Christian.
My husband always argues with "once saved,always saved"

Frasypoo said...

Sorry...I should have phrased that in a differant way!
When my husband meets people who say that you have to keep doing good works so as not to lose your salvation,thats when he says"Once saved,always saved"
I believe in "once saved,always saved" and doing good works because thats what Jesus commanded you to do and you know whats right and whats wrong and that you are answerable to God for all that you do!

Frasypoo said...

Its me again!
We,,I have to add this part that my husband is extremely frugal and for him to open up an account for me was just crazy!
We checked today and the shares were up and it seemed like he wanted the account back!
I am not made for wild crazy stuff like that !I like my money where I can see it (esp since I dont have any!)
He is a small business owner too.He is a barber.what do you guys do?

frasypoo said...

I seem to have filled up your comments section
If I can run,anyone can!I am lazy !
We just re did my step daughters room and the furniture is a bedroom set from a long time ago,given by a friend.I think it may be 1930,anyway it had a hat box compartment and the friend was trying to explain the special grooves in the furniture etc.They called it art deco.
I was excited about the free part!
I just thought it was a great co-incidence as I have been immersed in wood work/polish this week

Alisun said...

Very well put I too am voteing for moral reasons too.


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