Monday, November 17

Obama's priority

I saw a snippett of an interview of Obahma and his wife with some reporter guy. No clue who. ANyway, he said his priority in the next 4 years was to keeps his girls normal. I suppose with a new bowling alley, personal restraunt, popcorn machine , ect. in the white house, in may be difficult. he also mentioned how he was a normal american. Umm...doesn't he live in a 3 million dollar home? hmmmm...that's normal in America? I mean, I know we are arich nation, but are we really that rich??
Oh, and did I mention that Michelle made note of them still deciding whether or not to put the girls in public school? Why is it ok for them to have the choice of how to school their kids but not me? Just a thought...


try2bAsunbeam said...

I think I spelled his name wrong... and while I am not really political in my thinking, this really urked bear with the political post.
Oh, and "obey your leaders and submit to them".
And," give unto Ceasar what is his"...and pray for them too, right??

Megan said...

those girls will never have a normal lifestyle. the entire family will be talked about and have rumors started. they will see their faces on the national inquirer, just like a recent one said Michelle Obama lashed out about Oprah. people who can avoid this lifestyle should be thankful that they are granted the wonderful right to privacy...

Sharon Brumfield said...

First I saw your comment back to me on the other post...the price is really reasonable for what you are getting.
I wish my maiden name was not so long....I would have you do one for my Mom and Dad for Christmas. It would be a really sweet gift.

I saw this interview...and I still have to watch my thoughts toward our new president.Maybe God is using this time to show me some things that need to change...felt the same way about it is not a race thing.
I think I would have probably called Bush more "normal"...I don't know that money has anything to do with that normal mentality.
I have been doing a lot more praying for this man and his family. I guess that is to his benefit.
We has a discussion about him yesterday in our small group. What has been coming to mind is that God says His ways are not our ways...they are so much higher that we would not even be able to understand them unless we had the Holy Spirit. So..I would not be amazed at all if God uses someone that we think will be our downfall to bring about His glory. KWIM?
Just food for thought. :)
And bless her heart if Michelle is able to give the girls a normal life....what is normal anyway?

Frasypoo said...

Very true.the girls lives will never be the same.
I hate it when people say they are normal and get 90,000 a year!
To me the normal average american earns 30,000 to 50,000 a year

ChRlswfe4Jesus said...

I am so glad that I am not normal!!!!
There was I time I wanted to be normal. How sad. Dawn

Alisun said...

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