Thursday, August 23

For those who may have been worried...

I am here. I am still alive. I did not fry like a pancake..(if only I was as thin as a pancake!) Seriously, though, as I stared at that big electrical panel, I was questioning my abilities and actually told my hubby I was walking away from this one...He said ok. I made mention earlier of my wiring book constantly reminding me that I wasn't messing with 120volts but actually 240 and it could take my life. He said, "then maybe you shouldn't do it" and I made sure he understood I was only mentioning the side-note because I wanted him to see what value I was; that I was willing to give my life for his dust collector! (I'm such a kidder) Anyway, I was going to walk away, but as I sat on his table saw, Indian style, (not as ladylike as I could've been, I suppose)

I thought and thought,

glancing over at that luminous gray box begging me to attempt untraveled territory. So, I suddenly had a brainstorm, called hubby on his cell and told him I had it figured all out. (I can laugh at this looking back)

After spending an hour in the electrical isle of Home Depot, (my 6 and 11 year old made me proud) I had my measly 10 items and went back to the shop to tackle the un-tackable! lol When I got there, nothing I bought was right! Ok, maybe the plug was right, but NOTHING else!! urg...

So, I took some old conduit off the wall that had no wire in it, because the old shop owners took the wire with them--(no clue why)---And, of course, now I wonder, why didn't I think of that before!!!?? WHY!!??? Of course, my hubby said he told me to do that before I went to the store! (I don't remember that!) So, he cut the conduit--(I do not use power tools because of Duet. 22) and he drilled holes for the handy box and so I wired it all. Then, I went to clip in the new breaker and it didn't fit. I bought the wrong one! So, trip #3 to Home Depot! Good thing Depot is only blocks from our wood shop.

Then, I went to flip the switch and try it all out. I must admit, fear was gripping me. I was not as confident as I could've been, or have been in the past with these sort of endeavors. Mind you, worst case, is that the breaker switches off, just like it would at your house. No big deal but I was afraid I had done it wrong for some reason.

Praise the Lord, it all turned on swiftly and the hummm of the dust collector soothed my unconfident heart! hehe

I did it! Yeah!

Now, remember, we can do all things through Christ, according to His will, and there is such a wealth of info available to people now-a-days, that the people who don't educate themselves are doing themselves a dis-service, IMO.

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Willow said...

It's always a rush when you finish something that scares you.


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