Friday, August 24

What's in a name?

In case anyone is wondering, some of my entries are from journal prompts from a book I got to give my kids some of my life history. What makes me me, what makes me tick, I guess.

So, today's question is:

Who gave you your name and why? Did you have a family nickname and why?

Well, my name is Rebecca Ellen. I think my mom picked it---well, I don't know why. I do know that my aunt's middle name is Ellen as well, so maybe that's where the middle name came from.

Growing up, everyone called me Becky. My Grandma stills does. The rest of my family has succumbed to my wishes of being called Becca. I always thought Becky sounded like a chicken. A chicken pecking for its food: be-cky, beck-y, be-cky.. (squawking) I really dislik
e that name!

My step dad used to call me Pack-rat. I guess when I was really little, my biological father would pick us kids up and keep us for the weekend. He always gave us hotdogs for lunch before bringing us back to my mom's house. I would come home with my cheeks poofed out like a squirrel with a walnut in each cheek because I refused to swallow the hotdogs. My mom would actually pinch my nose so I would spit them out in the garbage. Rather than leaving you with a mind picture of me with my cheeks exploding with hotdogs, I'll bless you with a different story...

Speaking of me and the garbage, I remember my mom making me get rid of my bubba. My precious bubba. Anyone else have a bubba? How can a grown person actually remember these things is amazing! My mom, a rather hefty woman, took it and
threw it in the garbage, not gently, not nicely. She outright chucked it! So, feeling the need to soothe my poor bubba, I took it out hugged it, a bear hug, I think, and then, ever so gently lay it back ion top of that nasty pile of rubbish, never to put my little paws on a baby bottle again! It's a very sweet picture in my head.

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Jessica said...

My Middle name is Ellen too!! And I was named after my aunt also. Her name was Mary Ellen. (Just thought that was really neat!!)

I have had several nicknames growing up. When I was a baby my nickname was BooBoo (Do you remember Yogi's friend BooBoo?? Well, that is where it came from, but why I got it.... I don't know!?) Then when I was a teenager several people started calling me "Piglet" because I liked the Winnie The Pooh character Piglet so much. And now I have several people that call me "Jess" My Goddaddy, My Future Mother-in-Law, and my Best friend. However, Most everyone else calls me Jessica now though.


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