Thursday, September 27

Deceptive Foods

The fun of second grade science!
Today Colton had to separate a pile of foods out of our cupboards and fridge into piles of "has sugar" vs "does not have sugar"...So, here are his piles:

These he said no doubt had sugar: (pretty obvious ones)

These he said no doubt DO NOT have sugar. I made sure to ask him a few times to make sure he was sure on his choices. (I knew he was a little off becasue I know spaghetti sauces and ketchup have sugar)

So, here are the piles accurately separated. Needless to say, my young man was shocked!

No sugar pile..

(I thought for sure Triscuits had sugar...)

Sugar pile... (Now, I figured the juice and the pie filling would have sugar but can you believe that Mac-N-Cheese has sugar??? Hotdogs??? Now why would hotdogs need sugar? And Clam Chowder?? I don't put clam chowder in it when I make it from scratch??)

Although I don't think it will affect his life at all at 6 years old, but it sure was fun to see the look on his face as I read "corn syrup...high fructose corn syrup...sugar...."

(and now you all get a glimpse of the unhealthy garbage in my can no longer plead ignorance either! *wink*)


Christine H. said...

Awesome project! I love the idea! I'll have to use it one day.

Anonymous said...

ROFLOL!!! Too cute. You are way braver than I am. No way am I taking photos of my pantry contents. *wink*


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