Tuesday, September 25

How I *do* school...

I use Abeka curriculum and I do all subjects everyday. (And if I don't, I catch-up on Saturday)I have a 6th grader, Amanda, and a second grader, Colton. I get up early to have my computer time and wake the kids at around 7am. They eat, clean their rooms ect. and then we have a little bible study. Right now we are discussing Pride. Then we go over two sentences which I wrote on the board that have all the puntuation missing. Colton goes first and then Amanda finds the other mistakes. (this isn't in Abeka-I found this book at a thrift store or rummage)

Then my son does his AM reading while Amanda gets her books ready. Then she does her reading and Colton sits on my lap to listen. I get Colton doing his seatwork and then teach Amanda everything in the Lang. curriculum-Lang, spelling, poetry, and lastly penmanship. Penmanship is the trasition to me teaching Colton. I teach his penmanship, then go through his language arts.

At 10, we have a break--timer set--and then we come back for the math classes. I do the flashcards together and make a game out of it, rewarding them with my trinket system for every five cards they answer in 3 sec. Then I teach them Math in turn. While I teach Amanda, Colton is working on his paper and while I teach Colton, Amanda isworking on hers. Then it is lunch time. After lunch I do History and Science with Amanda, Then she does her homework. My last thing of the day is Colton's PM reading.

While I am teaching my Amanda her language arts, my son does his seatwork. I put the page out of the lesson plans in a protective cover and he uses it directly to get what he is supposed to do. I ask him how long he needs to do each excersice and set the timer. He usually beats the timer and has ALL but one side of the tablet paper done by the time it is his turn for teaching. And he knows the sooner he gets done (and still done well or I erase it) he can play upstairs. The same is for my Amanda- the more diligent you are in your work, the more free time you have.

When I get off here, I will turn my computer off and not answer the phone unless it is an emergency.

If there is any reason my kids can't get their work done, it is usually my fault. Becasue I spend too much time on the computer- as if that's more important than teaching them-- or I run my errands at a bad time, or I in my laziness, just don't want to teach. I always say, whne it comes to my kids education, *I* am their worst enemy. Just being honest...


Jessica said...

Wow, sounds like yall have your day planned very well! One of my student's name is Coleton. (I thought that was neat... same name just with an "e"!)

I know that ABeka can be challenging for some families, it is good to see a family with enough time (that is managed well!) to be able to do the Abeka program. It is an excellent curriculum!! :)

try2bAsunbeam said...

It took me 6 years to get on what is remotely considered a schedule. We always get off track and then pick it up. If we get behind,we work extra hard to get caught up. We are definitly NOT running like a well-oiled machine!lol


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