Monday, September 24

Paint from head to toe...

Today, was an odd day.
It started out pretty normal. I made breakfast, Craig prayed with us before he went to work and then I started school. And then...
I don't know why, but I decided it was a good day to paint the trim on my house...And the kids thought it was a splendid idea as well! So, we did it. Well, most of it. I went to Lowe's to get the paint and I am estatic that they now make an exterior primer/paint in one. Makes painting so much easier! The kids had a blast and end ed up with paint, you guessed it by the title of my post--head to toe! What fun it was!

We also got a bid on our siding for $3900 plus materials which seems much more do-able than the other bids we've gotten. The guys put up our garage door and I was impressed by their craftsmanship. After the all the lowlifes that have had worked on our house so far, just the fact that these guys not only USED a level, they even owned it! (we've had some doesy contractors here so far)

On a whole different note, I think I am going to do my best to use up everything in my pantry before buying from the store anything other than milk, bread, eggs, and butter, I mean, there is so much stuff in it, and I really don't even know what is in there anymore. I tend to be one to stock up when things are on sale, but I think I need to skow down. I still have the bone from a ham I made around April in my freezer to make bean soup. I NEED to make the soup, already! I've had the beans for eons now, it's just too hot for soup. I even have everything for split pea, clam chowder and minestone...but it too hot for soup...My freezer is pretty packed too. Meats, veggies, and a few pre-made meals like lasagna and chicken pot pie (too hot for that too)

It's always nice to have the pantry and freezer stocked for when we are poor. Part of owning your own business is to be either rich or poor, it seems. So, during the poor times it's nice to have the pantry to fall back on. But it seems it's been a while since we've had to fall back on them. That's a good thing.

I want to go listen to a tape of our friday bible study. I missed the study becasue the gus took longer to put in my garage door than I had hoped. I've heard it was a really good study.


Jessie said...

What color did you paint the trim? I didn't realize that you owned your own business. I don't know how I missed that one. My husband and I dream of starting our own. We are in the very beginning stages of actually seeing the real possibility and feasibility of it happening! It is exciting and also frightening in a way. Just the thought of not having that every other week paycheck...ya know...!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I want that cheesecake recipe sometime before Christmas, please!! It sounds like something my family would really enjoy.

It's hot here too. I am so ready for a break in the weather and a break in the electric bill.

I have to run because my daughter is waiting patiently for a game of connect four. Thank you for being so kind. My daughter grinned widely when I read her your comment about her bonnet.


Jessica said...

I obviously know how home remodeling is! Although, we aren't living there, so that makes it much easier!! :)

Too hot for soup and chicken pot pie?!?! It is never too hot for those two!! LOL!! At least not for me, I could eat my mom's home made vegetable soup all year, and chicken pot pie too for that matter!! I love both of those. I have never tried some of the soups that you listed. You need to share the recipes with us, so I can cook them!! I always love new recipes.

Christine H. said...

Great idea about using up your pantry food before buying more.

try2bAsunbeam said...

I painted the trim white. When they side it is going to be a sandy tanish color. I love Pottery Barn style with brown, creams, whites and tans...with a touch of black.

*I PROMISE TO POST RECIPES MORE OFTEN...I will *try* to post every recipe I mention...(but there are so many --*whining a bit*)


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