Monday, October 8 eat or not to eat...

Good morning God!
Good morning, world!

I know I am supposed to eat breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day. But I have very poor habits. I rarely eat breakfast. I rarely eat lunch. For me, I usually only eat dinner and it is way too late at night. The earliest being around 6pm and the latest has been 11pm. I am always bothered by my lack of discipline in this area of my life.

I have many excuses why to not eat breakfast. I don't like cereals--too sweet and I don't have time to cook a real breakfast. And milk gives me a sour stomach first thing in the morning. Granola bars aren't really ideal for breakfast either, but that's about the best I do (mint Caribou Coffee ones--yum). I thought to myself, if I am going to force myself to eat this dreaded meal, it should at the very least be healthy! So, a couple months ago, I bought some Kasha. I read on the box that it was tasty and good for me. Needless to say, the box lied. It tasted like cardboard. I added raisins. I added almonds. I dumped in sugar. That cereal was beyond being salvaged. I threw the bowl of cereal away and kept the box for about a month before I finally gave in and threw it away as well. $4 down the drain...

Then I read on a blog about Grits and how good they were. I'd never had them. Didn't even know what they were. But the day after reading that blog, I was in line at the store and the lady ahead of me had a package of grits. She was rather thin so I rationalized in my head she had to be thin because she ate grits! lol And I ran to buy some! Only $1.50 a box.

I got them home and my husband gave me his goofy look of what in the world are you eating now?... I like hominy, and grits are hominy so of course I will like them! Well, I added bacon, butter, salt, and to be honest, the flavor wasn't improving. To teach my children not to waste. I forced myself to finish the bowl . I finished it by around 2 that afternoon. Ah, but I did finish it. And I guess another positive was that I ate lunch that day as well! lol (these are still in my cupboard...)

Yesterday, I went to Sam's Club (I love Sam's) and I found a box of this hot cereal. It was an attractive box, in that it looked healthy. As if a box can look healthy. But it did. There was not a price sign above it so I was hesitant to buy it not knowing if it would break my bank or not. It is called Quaker Simple Harvest Instant Multi grain Cereal. Again, I am so picky! But let me tell you, at only 160 calories , 25 from is yummy! I only had the Vanilla, Almond and honey flavor. ( 9 grams of sugar which is a titch high, but who cares if it gets me to eat breakfast!) Listen to these ingredients: whole grain rolled oats, whole grain rolled wheat, rolled barley, whole grain rolled rye, sugar, almonds, whole flax seed, oat flour, natural flavors, salt and molasses. I can pronounce ALL the ingredients!!

I still don't know what I paid for the box, but I just don't care. It's worth every penny!


Jessica said...


I know what you mean about not eating breakfast! But it's not so much that I don't like breakfast food, it's that I don't have time!! :( I have heard that not eating breakfast makes you gain weight... guess it's good that I have a guy that doesn't mind if I gain weight.. but still I DON'T want to!!! LOL!! :)

I do LOVE grits though. Maybe it is because I grew up eating them. I put lots of butter, & salt. Sometimes cheese. And I love to cut up lunch meat and put in there. I have put soooo many crazy things in grits. LOL! Ronnie however, hates them!! He really doesn't like to eat breakfast at all. (At least we will get fat together!! Hehehe!!)

Love ya,

Christine H. said...

Oh my goodness! I thought I was reading my own writing! : ) I agree with and have tried and have hated everything you mentioned. I also don't like to eat breakfast or lunch, but I do it because I'm supposed to, and I have two little ones to keep up with! So, now you have inspired me to buy a box of that hot cereal and try it. Thanks!

try2bAsunbeam said...

*giggles* I think I am glad it's not just me...I think...althoug, no offense, I don't want to be part of the no breakfast crowd any more! I really really want to eat more healthy! I can do all things through Christ...even eat breakfast! (boy what trials and tribulations we have here)

Devoted Heart said...

hahaha!! Breakfast is very important!

Kashi makes a cereal called Good Friends - it's their Cinna-Raisin Crunch (very good and good for you)

Also, if you aren't a cereal person, I love english muffins! Orowheat makes delicious cinnimon raison ones and also whole wheat. Try spreading just a little bit of peanut butter (natural organic, of course =)) on them and it's a small, but satisfying breakfast! I also love fresh strawberries in the morning, if I have them on hand.


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