Tuesday, October 9

I will still be thankful...

Good Morning God!
Good morning World!!

Yesterday, I was overtaken by a cold. Or maybe a sinus infection. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Very quickly.
Ever since those antibiotics, nothing in my body seems the same. There are some things that seem better, though. Like I have endometriosis-- that feels the same I think, but I also have IBS and that seems worse.

Sometimes I wonder if the IBS is actually an overgrowth of yeast in my intestines. I still think that and that would explain too, why the symptoms seem worse since all the antibiotics. Because before the antibiotics my body was finally feeling normal again and now I feel like I did 7 years ago when I spent all that time in the hospitals having tests to find out why I was in pain all the time. Because now the bad bacteria is winning over the good. It probably took 5 years before there was enough good bacteria to win over the bad and make me feel decent. The only good thing is that when I was in pain, I lost a lot of weight!! *giggles* That's my way of looking at it from the greener side of the fence! I t also makes me remember how healthy I have been and still how healthy I am compared to a lot of people who don't have it nearly as good as I do!

On a completely different note, my siding still isn't done! I am trying to be patient but this seems really ridiculous!
Oh, and the one guy is kind of freaking me out a little bit! Maybe I am getting bothered by nothing. Well, the guys never come in my house, they go to the basement to get their tools but never into my house. But the other day there was some problems with the outlet they were plugging into for power that I moved it into the kitchen so the one guy, Geno, had to come int he house to plug in--no biggie. He kind of stood there a moment, with a little small talk and then went out.

Yesterday, I didn't have school because of all the banging so I was researching this crazy religious organization on the computer and after staring at the screen reading so long, my eyes were kind of buggy, so I put my head in my arm to rest them just for a second. When I looked up, Geno was hovering over me, bent over me staring at the computer screen, and asks, "whatcha doin'?" My thoughts were, none of your business, go do my siding! But I said I was studying this religion and that my eyes were bothering me, so he said I should take a break. And that he was going to lunch, asking me to watch their tools. Fine, a little odd, but fine.

Then, I left to get away from the pounding--went to Goodwill. When I got home, they were gone. It had rained for 10 minutes so they packed it up and left. Whatever! urg.. Anyway, I had unpacked my bags and my phone rings. Not recognizing the number, I said "hello?" He says "This is Geno, who is this?" I said "Becca?" like why are you calling me?? So he asks me "How did your number get into my phone?" I said "Gee, I don't know, I've never called you.." So he started saying something about how he had just woke up and f- this and f- that and my f-in number was in his phone (he's not mad here, just can't come up with a more intelligent adjective here, I guess that the f- word) Then he says "Where'd you go?" "Umm...Goodwill?" I am wondering why he is asking me..."Find any deals?" he asks..."Yes, I did, some clothes for my son" (and an awesome rug for $15, but I didn't tell him that!) I am still wondering why he is asking me all these questions...Then I piped up, "I know how my # got in your phone! The first day you were supposed to come Duane gave you guys my number to let me know when you'd be here...although you never came nor did you call" (this was a mild rebuke for their being inconsiderate that first day by not calling) He didn't catch it, though. "So, okay, have a nice night...c-ya tomorrow" "Oh, ok, yeah, c-ya" I immediately got up and locked the front door.

So, is it me? Or is it a little weird?? Maybe he's just nice...Trying to be congenial?

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Sharon said...

Well if it was my hubby I would say he was trying to be nice. But my man does not use that type of lanuage.
If it feels creepy--it usually is.
Hope they get the job done and move on!
Thanks for stopping by.
Casting Crowns has a song on there new CD that uses the song that says, be careful little eyes what you see....
It is a great song.
I love that they say that the problem does not always begin with just one look.
Good thoughts thanks.


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