Tuesday, October 2


I shuddered at the thought of witnessing the first few times I did it! I always chuckle when someone says I am bold. I suppose I am, only because sometimes people don't like me--I call it not "being chicken (aka-biblical definition is probably "ashamed" *wink*)" and sharing the love that was once shared with me!

And when you think about all the things that the apostles and the Christians during the Inquisitions went through...I mean, the way things are going, we might get arrested for talking about God publicly, but as of right now, there isn't any fear of torture. The worst that has happened to me was I was spit on. That is nothing compared to Christ having his beard ripped out, being punched beyond recognition, and THEN being spit on. I was just spit on.

For me too, I see my sister-in-law with cancer, only having one leg left, standing on a corner with her walker handing out tracts. If it's too windy, she can't do it because the wind will blow her over---seriously. I see it as shame on us if we don't. And God sees it that way too. I think it's in Ez. where it says that if we don't share with people their blood is on our hands. Can you imagine if God were to have you actually push every person you had opportunity to witness to but didn't, in to that Lake of Fire??? Can you imagine? *sigh*

So, for me, to witness, it's a breeze! And when a question gets asked I don't know how to answer, I go home and find the answer in my Bible! Either the word benefits them, me or both of us, depending on the open-ness of the spirits, I guess.

Just think, every person around you, if they do not know what Christ paid for their sins--ALL of them (can't lose your salvation) they will die most thinking they have a Savior, but in their minds, Christ paid for only SOME of their sins and therefore, according to the Bible, will have to go to hell to pay for the ones that they believe Christ didn't die for. Satan is so crafty...

We aren't raptured immediately after accepting the gift because God has work for us to do here. And that work is to share His gift with other people. My husband says God gave him a precious jewel that he is privileged to carry in the garbage can of his human sinful flesh.

So, now are you all fired up with the zeal of the apostles to go out and share with somebody??? Well, then JUST DO IT!

Daniel 12:3 " Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven and those who lead the many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever."

(I want to be like a flood light when I get to heaven, not just a 15watt bulb!)


Jessica said...

Amen!! That's good!! I'm ready to go out with a handful of tracts and tell people my testimony... only it is 11:00pm, so I better wait till tomorrow. Right now I better get back to helping my mom finish up pricing clothes for the kids sale we are doing this weekend! There are a LOT of clothes I think we will be up for a WHILE!! I was just taking a short break. :)

Thanks for that post!! It is sooo true. I think we could all do more, I know I could.

Jessie said...

I like that verse very much.

You know, you said something that addresses an issue I deal with on this subject. You hit it right on the head. It is the not knowing an answer part. I have allowed that to keep me in fear from witnessing at times. That pestering thought of how will you answer them if they ask something I simply don't yet know. Thank you for being so honest in how you deal with these situations. Maybe you start a weekly witnessing column!! You can train us all up in the art and practice of daily witnessing. ((Hugs))

try2bAsunbeam said...

lol...most people when you mention witnessing, they say something along the lines of how nice they are and how their *love* is their witnessing, and never want me to go into how the Bible addresses our need to verbally witness! So, it kind of makes me giggle to think you are actually wanting me to share the tricks of the trade! I love it!!


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