Tuesday, October 2

I must be a whimp...

I broke down last night. I got up at midnight to go to the bathroom and was awake for 2 hours in pain before I went to the urgent care to be treated for a UTI. I had been drowning myself with cranberry juice to no avail. Last night the pain was unbearable. I gave in.

I actually feel like a failure. I was so adamant I wouldn't go in, that I would take the slower, natural route. Without a 4th round of antibiotics. *sigh* Gotta do whatcha gotta do. I had to go to an urgent care regardless, because without insurance, no doctor will see me here--even if I pay up front. But the urgent care is so expensive...

The antibiotics they gave me are supposedly only for treating the problem and aren't a broad spectrum type that penicillin and the clamyicin was. Guess I'll be good as new in 3 days. And it was cystisis (bladder infection), not a UTI...one step worse is a kidney infection. And they are so very painful so I am really glad I went in, I think.

I know that my sister-in-law will be disappointed in me...at least I feel like she will be. She has the will-power of champions and has fought through years of cancer and I gave in to my minor ailment. I am going to continue the treatments of the probiotics she recommended and still drink cranberry juice. As a preventative measure. I also have not had sugar in 3 days. All those foods in the cupboards with sugars in them, I have bypassed (except maybe a eensy weensy snitch here or there...)

So, I am on the way to having a healthy body. MAybe with cutting out the sugars I'll see those 130's on the scale again?? *giggles*


Jessie said...

LOL! I can so relate to having to bypass the sugars due to slight body malfunctions from time to time. At least that is what I call them. I hate to hear that you were in such pain in discomfort. I will admit to having a very low tolerance to pain. I will cry and vomit when I hurt. It's not pretty at all. *shudder* Years ago I use to deal with kidney infections. They are so painful!!!

On another note, I am glad you are taking probiotics. I take them daily. My family has seen such a transformation in our health since we started taking them daily. You can even get a dose for children.

I hope you will be feeling better soon!!! (((Big Hugs)))

try2bAsunbeam said...

I've never heard of a dose for kids. Do you have a brand name or a site I can look at?

Devoted Heart said...

OH...that's too bad! I hope you start to feel better and that the medicine helps a lot!

It's so hard to let go of certain foods (believe me, I know...) One thing that works for me is to tell myself that I can only have something that I really want (like sugar, for example) on occasion. If I tell myself that I can't ever have it again, then I will want it all the time; but if I save it for a special time (date night, party, etc.) then it isn't so hard.
For example, when I became Vegan (for the most part), I had to stop eating cheese - but I LOVE pizza! So, about 1-2 time per month, we go out to one of our favorite pizza restaurants (there are so many) and it's a special treat! It makes it much easier to say no all the other time.

try2bAsunbeam said...

Devoted Heart-
Ah, yes...I completley agree! I did a no-fat diet before and when I gave up, I splurged and gained back 5 more pounds than I had lost with the diet in the first place! I've always considered vegan, but my hubby is such a meat and potatoes guy.

I think just the switch of moving away fromt he box and prepared foods is going to put his body in shock! lol
(I love pizza too!, thin, thick, pan, cheese-stuffed, you name it!) You could always make pizza at home, too with the veggie cheese...although, it doesn't melt quite the same, does it?

Devoted Heart said...

You're right - veggie cheeze and soy cheeze can't touch the real stuff, but it works sometimes.\

My husband isn't vegan - very meat an potatoes (you read my post about sausage bread, yes?..hehehe). Anyway, he lives with my cooking, which isn't bad for the most part, but when we go out, he can eat whatever he wants. I also try to make him lunches everyday, which sometimes consist of his favorite stuff.

I wouldn't have chosen to put him through this, but I had no choice (it was a health concern by my doctors...hey, maybe I'll post about this sometime).

Jessica said...

Oh, those are painfull! I will be praying for you!! :)


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