Friday, November 16

Meet my Bible!

I was at Jessica's Journal and saw her bible. She said she got the idea from Amy's Place. I was actually going to post about my bible as a sort of farewell to it. I have been looking for a new one. I am considering a parralel bible with the NAS and the Amplified...I'm not sure.

Here are the questions:

1) How old is your Bible?

It's as old as my new birth, I guess. So that makes it about 5 years old. Not too old in the sense of bibles, but well used and falling apart! lol

2) Why did you choose this Bible?

It was the same as my hubby's and had ample room for my plethora of notes.

3) Do you hightlight/mark passages?

Oh, YES! I highlight, underline, mark, re-mark, cirlce, make little doodles to remind me where verses are...Like the one with a dove and serpent, I drew a dove...I also started to mark when we study a book in the bible. I write the date by the title.

4) If so what is your system?

Salvation verses are red for the blood, eternal security verses are yellow light the light from the sun that seems to go on forever, blue is for any verses related to any baptism or anti-water baptism verse, green is for kingdom reward verses because if you tend to a plant it will be green just like if we tend to our souls and Him, God will bless with rewards, and then I use orange or purple for verses that are just special to me

5) Do you have notebooks to record things?

Yes, I like to take notes in pretty journals that I pick up at thrift stores or rummages

6) If so how many and what do you record?

I write anything and everything my pastors say that touches my heart. When I need a booster, I can pick up my journals and see what the Spirit pressed on my leaders hearts to share with me, that in turn pricked my heart enough for me to take note of it. (Sometimes when I am tired at church I have written over and over "stay awake" so I would doze off...shhh...that's my secret! lol) Oh, I write our two weekly memory verses from bible study in there too.

7) Where is your favourite spot to read your Bible?

Next to my hubby...or with someone else on the sidewalk while out witnessing...

8) Any thing special about your Bible you want to share?

As special as my Bible is, I wish I had more of it in my heart and head...It won't wear out there!

Ok, so that is it. All the questions answered. Hope you've enjoyed meeting my bible. My friend, the only truth I know... I always tell my kids, "while, unfortunately, you can never always believe what even I say, you can always believe what God says becasue He is God, and He will never lie..."


Sharon said...

What a cool idea.
I have a few Bibles that I use. The one I use most is my NIV.I know eventually I will have to give it up--but I am not ready.
Yes, I agree, More needs to be in us so that it never gets worn out.

Jessica said...

I'm glad you did this with us!! Looks like your bible is WELL used!! Always good to see. :)

Anonymous said...

What a well used and well loved bible! Praise God!!
Thank you for doing this with us! I will add your link to the post, I hope to have a whole list of bibles at the end!!

God bless you!

Christine H. said...

When I bought my new Bible years ago, I went through my old Bible, page by page, and re-copied the notes I had written into my new Bible. It took hours, days, but I was so glad to have those margin notes in my new Bible.

JM said...

I started a blog about 2 years ago and just now got back around to it. I wanted to post people's bibles with all their markings and highlights to show how people not only read but actually study their Bibles! Along with the pictures I want people to tell the world something about their bible like why they like it, where they read it, and how they got it AND those phenomenal stories of what has happened to their bible, like pages having to be taped back in or recovering it. Now that I am truly inspired to keep up with it, I'm coming across your posting and the others that you linked to. This is so awesome.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading what you wrote and looking at your photos! Praise the Lord! Its great to see a fellow Christian wear out their Bible, it reminded me of my 1st ever Bible (when I got saved). That's been worn out now and sits amongst my book collection, I sometimes dig it out to look through. Terrified in case the last bit of binding comes off the leather :)

I used to use several Bibles, which all helped me get into the Word. But recently I've been using the inductive Bible study method and have never looked back! I intend in wearing out my New Inductive Study Bible also! Thanks for posting and sharing, God bless


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