Monday, November 5

Two Awards in a week!!

Wow, am I ever blessed! I received this award from Jessie at Overflow of a Forgiven Soul.

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Mathetes is the Greek word for disciple, and the role of the disciple (per the Great Commission) is to make more disciples."

Dan King at Management by God is the person who made or started this award.

I am supposed to give the reward to 5 people. That is hard for me to do as I haven't been on blogger that long. It's nice to know in the short time I've been on here, that my blog has been a blessing to someone! :) I've never looked at what I say as discipling...I just share what goes on in my life...
The people I would like to award this with are...
Jessica at Jessica's Journal for her discipling of those who choose to be pure in their lifestyle before God, for her constant gentle spirit in her communications...she is a breath of fresh air!
Sharon at Sit With Me Awhile because she always has me reaching for higher ground. I haven't "known" her long, but I appreciate all she has said to me, and taught me. She is always speaking of the scriptures and when I read what she writes I feel like it is a symphony to my soul.
If I could give it back to the one who gave it to me, I would give it back to Jessie at Overflow of a Forgiven Soul because she is my first friend on blogger. She listens to what I say and while we don't always agree, she hasn't held against me any over-zealousness on my part, that results in poor communication. I listen to what she says, and it really speaks to me. She feels "real" to me. Not someone who pretends to be perfect, but lays her heart on display for all of us to learn from. Some might call that courage, I see it as a trait God admires in us sinful people-- humility.
Now, I don't know many people on here, so I would like to give this award to 2 people of whom I know will never go online to read this.
One is my Pastor's wife, Karen, who always makes me think of the verse in II Tim. that says "women likewise be dignified, not malicious gossips..." She is the most dignified woman I have ever met. She is my Paul as when Paul says "be imitators of me as I am of Christ." She is my real life mentor, and I know I am eternally grateful to her. Because of the time she has spent with me, I know when I get to the Judgment Seat of Christ, I will fair far better than had I not met her.
The other is my good friend Sue. She is my real-life best friend. She is a great mom, knows her children's hearts and minds and souls. She has a tender spirit, a sweet example of how a mom should love her family. Through her prayers, encouragement, admonitions, rebukes, she disciples me constantly. (I can say constantly, because things she says always pop in my head at just the right time!)
Sue is in many ways the opposite of Karen, but the two together are like a perfectly balanced scale. Both have their gifts, traits, character, that edify me in very different ways.
Thank you Lord, for the people you bring into my life...


Sharon said...

Thank you so much.
In the years I have been walking with the Lord He has taught me so much. I have so much further to go or He would have already brought me home. I love being able to put "out there" the real me. We are walking this walk together and we all have so much to give to each other.
Keep putting your heart out there-the women who come along will be touched by your sweet giving spirit.
I am glad that we got a chance to meet this side of our heavenly home.

try2bAsunbeam said...

I am glad we met as well. :) (that's why I gave you the award! *wink*)


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