Friday, December 28

Imagine this...

You are sleeping, hear clunk, clunk on your stairs. You suppose it's your daughter, coming up from the bathroom. on your painted floor...why would your daughter have shoes on at midnight? Clunk, clunk down the get up, tiptoe to the top of the stairs...the waft of cigarette odor makes your stomach's NOT your daughter...the frigerator opens...chug chug chug, you hear the crink of the milk container...Your husband is snoring away in bed...and your 11 year old CAN NOT chug the milk like that...well, maybe...but she wouldn't have shoes and the cat would follow her down the stairs like a puppy dog, right? But the cat is at your feet afraid to go downstairs (so are you!)

So, I tell you what I did. I tiptoed and whispered to Craig. "Someone is in our house." He snapped awake and said "No." I whispered in seconds every thing I just said about the clunks the milk and the cigarette smell. He got up grabbbed the old stair rail and went to the stairs. He heard them and started banging the stick on the stairs and they ran out. I was on the phone to 911. WE saw three men run through the back yard. The police came and then a detective. It was like CSI in my living room! I would've taken a picture, but they stole my camera. LOL
After they left, I couldn't fall asleep. Every noise was a person (in my head)...

They stole stuff, they stole my only set of keys, the stole, they stole, they ransacked my house...had they not come upstairs, I don't think I'd have ever known they were there...They came in through a window and left out the front door...

God protected me. I put my laptop away before I went to bed in it's bag, behind the couch (not normal) I took the home phone upstairs with me...I don't know why. I've NEVER done that before when Craig was home...

I heard they steal your keys to come back later and drive down the street using the clicker to make the dome light come on. My clicker stopped working last week. Serious. Last week!

Well, don't expect any pictures any time soon. I can't afford to run out and buy a camera. Thankfully, I had an extra monitor in the basement and they didn't steal the rest of my computer. I am most thankful the man who was by my bedroom door, went back downstairs and didn't hurt my family. Colton never even woke up.


Anonymous said...

Praise God you are all right. I find it so interesting how God protected you. He has saved some items yet allowed the whole incident to happen. It makes me wonder how He plans to use this situation for His glory. He could had stopped them from coming, yet He allowed it to happen. What a show of His awesome power and know all. I am praying that God's peace will return to you. And you will feel and know His protecting angels are around. Dawn

ChRlswfe4Jesus said...

Sorry, I forgot I was signed in checking my daughters email. I don't know how to change it. Dawn

Christine H. said...

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! But I am so glad you are all okay. When I was reading it, I thought you were telling a funny story about Santa Claus or that your daughter snuck out of the house (I'm glad it wasn't that!) Praise God he protected all of you!

Sharon said...

Well I thank God that you are fine.
I know that the experience was a rough one. I pray God brings peace to your heart real soon.
We had our truck broken into this summer while out of town. We are real sticklers about God protecting His own stuff.
Some people think we are foolish with how far we take that But if God is in control---He is in control.
We had taken our lap tops into the hotel but they got everything else. Cameras wallets purses and they had a hay day with our bank accounts and credit cards.
First I was a little confused at how God could allow something when I was trusting Him. I remember leaving my purse in the truck because "God was watching it". I thought how could you let this happen God?
Then I had the most awesome peace sweep over me when He told me this.
"I allowed this to happen because these people need your prayers. I knew I could trust you to act in love and not hatred and revenge."
I had some awesome talks with Julia around these thoughts. She even said, "maybe one day when we get to heaven they will be there and they will thank us for praying for them".
I pray that is the case.
And now after that all happened every once in a while I have to remind myself that I can still trust Him.He is still faithful to protect that which is His own.
Sorry I have gone on and on--but this post was close to my heart.

Remember in your thoughts to respond in love. You may be the only person in those threes lives that has stopped to pray that they will come to know HIM.
Their eternity may be in your hands.

try2bAsunbeam said...

You know, we witnessed to everyone-just about- that we came across through the whole experience. Whne Craig called my cell that night and the theives answered, he witnessed to them then as well. I don't think they said anything to him, but he was faithful to them.
They came back the next night to steal the car. Craig happened to look out the window and there they were so we called the police again but they were gone in seconds. We had put the club on the vehicles so they couldn't get at them. So far, so good. God is in control. All things work together for good to those who love Him. I just need to keep my attitude right, learn, and press on.
Thanks for the thoughts...and I LOVE the rambling! Never any need to apologize...

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Praise God for His protection of you all! I admire the way you have used this as a witness, I think I would still be in a panic :)
I will be praying for you all :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Praise God for His protection of you all! I admire the way you have used this as a witness, I think I would still be in a panic :)
I will be praying for you all :)

Anonymous said...

O my goodness!! I am so thankful your family is safe and how awesome of the Holy Spirit to lead you to place the laptop away out of sight. God is so good!!


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