Monday, December 31

Tony Wons radio book again...

<><><> The Average Man’s Prayer. <><><>

Lord, I speak not in scholarly language,
But somehow, I know You wont care;
For mine is a humble petition…
Mine is the average man’s prayer.
My thoughts are, of course, not brilliant,
My wishes, You know them quite well.
There are many of me and my fellows,
So many, it’s needless to tell.
You know that I am one of those pluggers,
I go out each day and I fight;
And sometimes I’m beaten, discouraged,
And I’m very weary at night.
I bark at my wife, who is patient,
I bully my children, who cry.
I know I could be better natured,
But often, I don’t even try.
But You know how rough things are running,
How business is all in a hole,
A man’s got to sweat for his living
And struggle with body and soul.
Lord, help me face life with courage,
And bless everything that I do.
I’m dumb when it comes to this praying,
But I trust and rely on You.
Watch over the days of my dear ones---
They’re all that I have to share…….
And I wish I could make this more lofty,
But it’s only the average man’s prayer.


try2bAsunbeam said...

This always makes me feel better when I sit at church and people pray and they sound I'm just an average Joe, can't talk too fancy...ya know?

Sharon said...

Sometimes when I hear people pray lofty prayers I picture God standing behind them ready to tap them on the shoulder and say--secuse me, who are you talking to?
I think about that when I have to pray in front of others. Am I talking to God or am I just talking for others to hear and approve. If we do the latter--I do believe we have become our own god.

try2bAsunbeam said...

I agree with you. And I do the same thing-picturing myself before my God...I always see myself with my face in the mud...
I think that the people in my church sound so "smart" because they are much older in the Lord than myself...they definitly have a lot more knowledge of the word than myself.


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