Monday, December 10

An Interesting thought...

John the Baptist ate locusts and honey...some may say he was rigid and overbearing, (I'm sure Herod thought so). That he was too hard on people but he was doing the will of God.
Jesus on the other hand, ate and drank, meek and mild. (And yes, at times he was rather pointed in what he said as well, but still He seemed a little more laid back than John)...Both were doing the will of God, right? I suppose they were doing it in a little different way, but still, both were doing what they should be doing yet in very different ways.

Do you think that is the way it is for us? I mean, God made each of us different with our own spiritual gifts, so we can do things our way (as long as what we do is in line with scripture). Take for example, Thanksgiving. Some may spend the day fasting and in somber prayer while others feasts and sing praises to God. Neither is wrong, but yet, they are very different...
If one says to the other, "you are doing that wrong!", aren't they guilty of the sins in Galatians 5:19-21? That would be a prime example of a heresy, wouldn't it?

Wow, I think I need to be careful not to push my opinions on other people...I need to tell people of scripture, but when it comes to what I "think" something means, I need to be careful that I am not putting words in God's mouth. I need to remember that if we are willing to be used by God, He will use us in whatever way He chooses. The "mold" for a Christian is pretty simple. Love Christ with all you heart, mind and soul.

I have no idea where my mind is going with this post...I am frustrated by people foisting their opinions of how I am to worship and love my King...It's one thing if there is scripture to back up their opinions, but it is a whole different thing if there isn't or if they take things out of context to fit their mold...make sense??


Sharon said...

I understand what you are saying.
I have said it before--we learn by knowing scripture and then talking it out.
You may state what you think and believe and then I do the same. We grow "I think" when we are not so closed of as to be able to listen to what someone else thinks.
If we agree fine and if not that is o.k too. The only thing we have to agree on is that the Bible was inspired by God and that all that is in it is truth. There is only one way to heaven and that is through God's son. He died, rose again and is seated in heaven waiting for God to tell him to go get his bride.
I think the problem comes when you start dealing with people who are maybe a little insecure in their faith. When they hear something a little different they sometimes tend to reject it instead of taking it to the word and praying about it. And then maturity says, I don't agree with you but we can still love each other and agree to disagree.
And if we don't agree--we don't have to run. If we are a part of the body of Christ we can still fellowship together and spur each other on to love and good works.
Hope you don't mind me writing my thoughts to your post.
I love talking things out.

try2bAsunbeam said...

I think we need to remember we'll never know it all and we can always be wrong in our "understanding" of scripture--unless it is black and white.

The only thing I can never agree to disagree on is the fact that God died for all my sins, that I will always deserve to go to Hell and pay for my own sins but I'll NEVER have to, no matter how I live, because when Chrsit died He paid the debt for ALL my sins, not just all but something. All is all... Well, I can't budge on that. If someone thinks they can somehow lose their salvation, somehow they are trusting in something other that the blood of Christ to keep them saved. I wouldn't be doing anything by shaking that person's hand and ultimately sending that person to hell. I can't do that...There aren't any verses that say I should either but instead a bunch that say I shouldn't.
On the other hand, there are some things I don't foist on people, but are definitly in scripture, with historical support. A doctrine I could definitly share and expect a believer to obey (not for salvation) is I Cor. 11 where there are 16 verses in regards to hair. A woman is to have long hair and man is to have short hair. Now, how long is long? I don't know. All I know is I don't want to die and find out mine was too short, ya know?
I guess I'm going on when I don't need to...
I LOVE your thoughts in regards to my posts! And if we don't agree, we can always talk about it.
LOL I was reading a book and the author mentioned a woman in her life named Sharon who was a great encouragement to her and I thought, "gee, I wonder if that's my Sharon?" LOL

Christine H. said...

Great insight!
Great writing!

ChRlswfe4Jesus said...


About the post I would have to say I agree. Your reply to Sharon raises a question. I was reading Rev. last night and came across 3:5, "and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life," As we have talked I was raised one can lose (I prefer to say take oneself away from) salvation. This is one of the verses I was taught that showed how one could 'loose'. How would you explain this scripture? Dawn

try2bAsunbeam said...

Dawn, I have to make this short for the sake of my hand...Take vs. 4 and 5 together as they read, those who are worthy, walk in white, and those who aren't won't. God has more than one book. This does not say I lose my place in heaven, just that if my name is erased from this book, Ilose the reward of fine linen. Rev. 19:8 says it is up to me to clothe myself with fine linen and that the linen is my good deeds. Deeds have NO?THING to do with my going to heaven, but rather with me being close to God in Heaven, just as Rev3:4-5 say...
Only a believer can have their name written in this book and to say that it proves one can lose their salvation, would go against the plethora of verses that say we can't.
I'm wrist hurts...


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