Monday, December 10

Not quite a nail through my wrist but...

I think I broke my wrist...
On Sunday, hubby wanted ice in his coffee, and I smashed one chunk of ice with another. Hard.
Then, during prayer it started to hurt, got a bruise above my wrist...went to the Urgent Care last night, they did xrays and found nothing. Told me I had tendonitis--which is something that comes on over a matter of years...I think they are wrong. I just feel they are. I think I'd know if I broke a bone-no matter how stupidly it occurred-- so I did a bunch of research and I guess the most common wrist bone to break is also the most commonly misdiagnosed and sometimes takes days to show up on an xray...The pain is overwhelming me...I've never cried because of pain as an adult, but I did today...
I think God is spanking me...The Bible says He disciplines those He loves...I haven't been praying, reading, nor witnessing nearly as much as I used to....
I've always prayed that if I stray, He would do whatever it takes to remind me of who He is...I think He has...
I'm not sure what to do right hurts...badly...


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart you poor thing. I have broken that little bone before and it hurts!!!

I am praying for you



Christine H. said...

I'm sorry!

Sharon said...

If this came about because of your action-either actions-we know that He is also our healer.
I am not sure He punishes in this way. I guess He could. But, wouldn't that give us the feeling that He was a brutal discipliner?
Since we are no longer the objects of His wrath do you think maybe His discipline would come in the withdrawing of His peace?
Just some thoughts.
I am sorry for your pain.
If it was tendinitis don't they usually give a shot for that? I think hubby gets a steroid shot in his shoulder when his tendinitis is acting up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's too bad! I'm sorry about your pain and hope you feel better soon!
I agree with Sharon...

~ Danielle

ChRlswfe4Jesus said...

I have prayed the same basic prayer. I do not know if this specific issue is an answer to your prayer. Yet, it does sound like it got your attention. God can heal it just as fast as it happened, ok, He can heal it faster than it happened. Dawn

try2bAsunbeam said...

I don't see it as harsh punishment but the discipline of my loving Father. The Bible does say in Cor. that some of the people were sick or had died because of their disobedience. He wiped out Sodom and Gomm. In Acts, Annanias and Saphira told a little fib and He killed them. So, God will discipline He children in the same way we should ours. I want Him to do whatever it takes. Proverbs says the son who hates discipline is stupid and elsewhere it says it makes a person wise.
*giggles* I don't feel I have much peace right now either, but to be honest, I think He removed His peace or joy a while back and this would be the next logical step. Like if my daughter is naughty, and I rebuke her, but she does it again and again...I would "up the ainty" so to speak and make her discipline more harsh. I believe God spanks his children because the Bible says He does. If we listen the first time, it probably isn't too bad but if we keep not listening to Him as we should, He may go so far as to take us home early...I'd rather get a broken wrist and realize my wrongs's not like He says audibly "Becca, get your act together!", ya know what I mean?
(typing with my left hand is realllly slooooowwwww! lol)


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