Thursday, December 20


I want my mommy...
except she wouldn't care...
I want sympathy like a little baby...

Do you remember my awful tooth experience acouple months back? Well, it was still infected so I went to the dentist and he said I needed to have the root tip surgically removed. I went to the oral surgeon yesterday. The whole office was green and yellow for the Packers-- which to me, is so stupid, but whatever. Just giving you first impressions. The waiting room was small with paper signs all over saying that things like "No Kids" (good thing hubby took the kids to the shop with him) and "No smoking" (duh) among a collage of other ones...pretty cheese-mo. The waiting room was merely 10 folding chairs...needless to say,I was feeling a little concerned by my surroundings.
They took me into a little, (you guessed it) green and yellow room. All that was in there was the chair, a red table whose base was covered with dust, and an xray box with my mouth on it and a foding chair in the corner. Across a sort of hallway was a young lady getting her wisdom teeth out; he pulled her teeth out in seconds! And I heard him talking to her, he seemed very nice. My discomfort was waning a bit.
Then he came to my room. He says "Look at the xray."
I looked.
"See this line? That a nerve and if I hit it while I am drilling in your gums, you will either be numb for a little while or forever. I will just slice open your gus, flap them back and go fishing for the root tip. But that is the danger."
"Gee, as if my palms weren't sweaty enough before!" So I had to decide how much it bothered me. Sort of weigh the options. He said it didn't look infected but yet I know it is, because it burst a week ago again. It was painful but I got used to the pain. It took me about 5 minutes to give him an answer. He was beginning to look at me as if I was pathetic so I told him to go for it. He made it sound like it would take 20 minutes at least to find the tip.
I saw the scapel (I forgot to mention the local anethsetic, but he numbed me *giggles*) . I heard the drill for about 30seconds--all the while I am in fervent prayer...Lord, Lord...The doctor speaks up,
"You got to be kidding me. You can't make it this easy on me--that wasn't even FUN", He said.
He got the tip out that quick! I think he put in 6 or 7 stitches and sent me on my way.

An interesting side note is that the dentist who left it in, said it would work itself out. I had that happen before, so I believed him. I also expected it to be the size of maybe a pencil tip, I had seen it in an xray. It always amazed me that an itty bitty bit of tooth could cause me so much problems. But get this! It was round so it could never have wroked itself out and it was the size of a small pea!! No wonder it bothered me so much...

I am so happy that God allowed it to come out so quickly. I don't know if the nerve is damaged yet. My face is swollen pretty badly. It's like the hunchback of Notre Dame's hump only on my face! LOL Seriously, my face looks deformed becasue it is so swollen, but it's not nearly as painful as I would have expected.


Jessie said...

O gracious. I hope the sewlling goes down soon. I am so glad it is out and you are on the mend. Yikes! What an experience you had.

This morning I read something and it made me think of you!!! Romans 12:11 describes you (in my opinion). I just had to tell ya!

((Big Hugs))

try2bAsunbeam said...

You really thought of ME when you read that verse? Wow! Ha, I even went to to see how the Amplified bible would read cuz I pictured you reading your pretty pink bible!
So, where's your favorite place to read your bible?
I think my favorite place is anywhere next to my first love and my close second right next to me...

Sharon said...

See what happens and life gets busy and you can't get out and about in blogdom like normal?
I missed a whole huge event in your life.;)
I have to say that I would have probably felt the same about the office decor.
But if you are doing good now--that is all that matters.
I had my wisdom teeth removed and then I had extra skin grow to cover the spot. Strange. When I went back to have the stiches taken out the docotor said he would have to burn the extra skin off. Well that was not too bad except when he was burning he also burned a spot on my lip. I remember thinking I would never be able to do any lip modeling. LOL. Crazy teenage minds.
Good thing he did not hit my tongue-I would have lost a taste bud. :)

ChRlswfe4Jesus said...

Praise God! That it was fast and easy. LOL Take a picture! Years later you will be able to laugh at your hump. When I had my wisdom teeth removed I looked like a chipmunk. Three days later (still swollen) I met my birth mom and her family for the first time. Lots of pictures for all to remember that my wisdom is all gone. LOL Dawn

try2bAsunbeam said...

I thought of taking a picture...but I don't know...I don't like pictures of me when I look normal, and the thought of doing it when I look like this is a little scary...but maybe I will--for fun...


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