Wednesday, January 30


I don't know how many of you do Ebay, but I guess I am somewhat of an ebay hound- at least in comparison to my real-life pals...

I bought some *make your own grocery type books* a few months back.

Speaking of one in particular, the listing said it's page were clean and in good condition. This is the actual description from the listing:

FARM JOURNAL’S COUNTRY COOKBOOK - Revised, Enlarged Edition. Copyright 1972. 559
pgs. Edited by Nell B. Nichols. Book is in good to very good condition. Cover
shows edge wear - particularly light wear on corners and some scraping of color
along bottom of spine. Spine tight, pages intact, no rips or tears. Pages look
very good, clean. There is some light spotting on page edgings - which can be
seen when the book is closed.

I recieved the book and 6 pages had writing on them-no biggie.

So, I am not an overly picky sort of person and really didn't care, until I went to leave feedback and they have those stars now for rating the transaction more specifically. One of the new star ratings is the accuracy of the listing. I emailed the seller, because I wasn't exactly sure what to do. I mean, I wanted to leave her positive feedback, but I also didn't want to lie (before my God) in regards to the stars rating. (Probably seems odd to a "normal" person, now that I think about it)

Anyway, she said, "don't leave feedback, if it's a problem." I found out I could leave the feedback without answering the stars. So, I happily left positive feedback and just didn't fill out the one star.

A month passed and she hadn't left feedback for me, so I politely asked why she hadn't in an email. No response, so I waited another month or two and emailed her again-yesterday. I asked why she hadn't. Again. I was kind. Not rude at all. I merely asked why she hadn't left feedback and that I thought it wasn't very nice that she hadn't, seeing as I had paid immediately and left her feedback as well. My exact words:
Is there any reason you still have not left me feedback? Seeing as ebay
works around the feedback scores, it doesn't seem very nice for you not to. I
paid immediately and left your feedback as soon as I received the books.

This was the response I got:

"Feedback is a privilege not a requirement. I don't like being ordered to
leave feedback by anyone. And, feedback is not as meaningful as you may
think. Ebay is soon going to make changes to the Feedback system - that
will make it even more worthless than it is now. So, you shouldn't
place so much emphasis on it. Yes, I remember your transaction all too
well. You were the one who made such a big stink about one of the
cookbooks that had a little bit of writing in it. You stated that my
description was so very incorrect because I failed to mention that this book had
some writing in it - that I did not notice. You were so worried about how
you were going to fill out the stars. I recommended that if it was such a
problem - that you shouldn't leave me any feedback at all. Leaving feedback
was your choice to do. No one forced you to do that. On principle
alone - I decided that I did not want to leave feedback for someone who
practically accused me of lying. If I would have left feedback - it
wouldn't have been positive - because your transaction did not leave me in a
positive frame of mind. So, please do not communicate with me again.
I have nothing more to say to you. Any further communication from you -
will be treated as SPAM and reported as such. "

I am almost in shock.
I was nice.
I should've left negative for her misrepresenting her auction. But I figured it was an honest mistake--I never accused her of lying. Nor did I ever order her to leave me feedback. I was so concerned about *my* being honest. If I were to say her listing was accurate, I would be lying. That in no way says she lied!

So, here is my response, which will somehow be treated as SPAM:

I am so sorry. I did in no way accuse you of lying! Not even close. Again,
I apologize for even making you think that I thought that, because I never at
any point in time thought that. I was worried about *myself* being dishonest. I
thought the book was great, the seller was great, it was just those stupid
stars, which I did not have to fill out. As for a little writing, 6 pages is a
lot in a listing of which there is no mention of writing. It's not like it was
one little note. I don't know why you have to be so rude. I didn't order you to
give feedback, I merely asked why you hadn't. Twice. I wasn't mean or rude in
any of my communication and I never said you lied. I believe it was an honest
oversight. No big deal, except it made an accurate description inaccurate-but
not intentionally. Again, I am truly sorry for making you feel I was accusing
you of lying. Becca

I don't know what to say...
People are so crabby and mean...
I guess maybe I did something wrong, but I'm not sure what it was yet. Any ideas?

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Sharon said...

There are a lot of hurting people out there. There are people who are not Christians or who do not live by Christian standards--they are not going to understand us.
I do not do the ebay thing--but don't let it bother you. You have gotten it right on your end and before God you are o.k.
Even in the Christian world your actions would sometimes be misunderstood. Not every one is at the same place as you. Some people look at high standards as holier than thou.
I had an incident on my blog back around Thanksgiving. Someone misinterpreted what i said and what some one said in the comments. I spent several emails with her trying to get it right.
Bottom line--she was a hurting woman and that was what was coming out.
Thank God for letting you see the hurt in this woman and use it as an opportunity to pray for her.
Pray for those who persecute you.
Don't let satan beat you up.


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