Wednesday, June 18

My recent Visitors

I know most of the people that have been coming here the last couple days see me as a "lost cause". Out of the hundred or so stops to my blog the last couple days, only 3 messages have been left, and no one seems to be able to refute the verses I have posted which obviously show Luther's doctrine doesn't "jive" with God's. Also, no one has left any responses to the link that brought the "Lutherquest" people here. I wonder why that is. I guess I don't really wonder.

I believed what Luther taught most of my life because it was what I was taught. When someone showed me I could be wrong, I thought "Gee, maybe I was wrong all these years" whereas people like the original poster, Steve, don't think that. They seem to have in their mind they are right. But the Word of God is what will stand in the end. Not my word. Not Luther's word either.

I surely won't be standing regardless. When I meet the Creator, I picture myself with my face in the ground, not patting Him on the shoulder saying, "so glad I made it". The attitudes are so different. I surely wouldn't call someone a lost cause. There is hope always, for anyone.

To call me a sister in Christ and then to say I am a lost cause is a whole different post, of which I don't care to write at this moment...


Mrs Amy said...

Well I missed all the excitement! The bible is clear though...Christ died FOR ALL not a select list, and Salvation is A FREE GIFT. We can not force it upon anyone, even our children. The choice is up to each individual. Baptism is A STEP OF OBEDIANCE but doesn't "save you" or "cleanse you of sin" it is a sign of standing with Christ in His death and ressurection.
Ok so that is my 2 cents.


try2bAsunbeam said...

Thanks Amy, I was beginning to feel like little David fighting Goliath here. To think, I am a mere babe in Christ in comparison to some of these people. I found out that some of these are elders in their churches, throwing verses out of context and twisting the Word to make it fit...*sigh*
Although I also feel like Jeremiah, where God said in Jer. 1:17 "do not be dismayed before them or I will dismay you before them" and 1:19 "They will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I with you to deliver you!" He is with me through His Word and His Spirit within me...LOL, Even ver 1:7 may apply some to me seeing as I am just a youth compared to these scholars! lol

Jessie said...

I missed the excitement too! It is so ironic for me to read this. Last week I had a dear friend that got into quite a discussion with me. She pounded me with questions and the end of it was that her husband and I believe seperate things about the Word of God. I in no way shape or form wanted to dismiss her husband's words to her, because I knew that would do nothing other than to cause offense or dissension. So I merely listened and encouraged her to as a practice to remember to seek God and His Word over the opinions of men-mine or anyone else. I told her that God alone knew her heart, her questions, and knew how to get the answers to her in a way that she could understand and believe. I encouraqed her to keep seeking Him more and more and allow Him to answer every question no matter how itty bitty we may think it is.

try2bAsunbeam said...

I agree with you completely, except when it comes to the gospel. If I say that works are part of salvation, or pat someone on the back who believes that, the bible teaches I will be held accountable for not telling them their falacy...It's not like I started this debate. I was just here minding my own business and suddenly get barked at by someone, which in turn he goes to a different site and asked his "people" to straighten this "lost cause" out. I'm lost becasue I don't agree with them, but according to their doctrine, I'm ok...*sigh*
When it all comes down to it. I AM GOING TO HEAVEN! I have absoluetly NO doubt about it! Hallelujah! Christ died for me! (and EVERYONE else who believes in His sacrifice alone for salvation!)


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