Saturday, August 23

Countertop Clutter Conquered!

After spending all the time in fixing up my kitchen, I like to keep it clean. Unfortunately, I am not the most organized person in the world. (We're working on it, though!) I tend to have a lot of clutter on my countertops. The way I decided to remedy this is by taking a serving tray and using it as the designated dumping grounds. Nothing is allowed on the counters except appliances (coffee pot, and espresso machine). Anything small must go on the tray. I have small jars to keep itty bitty items and a cup to hold pens. I also keep a small paper pad to jot down my grocery list. Besides keeping my counters clean, I don't spend nearly as much time searching for a pen, paper, or the fingernail clippers!

You could get one at most anywhere. I've seen them at Target, Pier One, Pottery Barn and many other places. I picked up mine from my basement! My sister in law gave it to me and I never really used it. It always seemed too big for anything useful. Seemed like more clutter to me, more junk. Exactly what I'm trying to get rid of!

My tray is a dark brown with a leather look to it. I could see a shiny brass one in a Victorian kitchen and a rustic wood one in a country style kitchen. Maybe a stainless steel one in a modern styled kitchen. Anyway, with this being the only place any items are allowed to be, my counters stay pretty neat. Well, except for the stray library book...(which belongs in the large basket in the living room...)


Christine H. said...

You say you're not an organized person, but you wow me with your ideas!

Jessica said...

How cute! I love this idea. :)

try2bAsunbeam said...

Thanks for the encouragement, but trust me, I am not organized! I am constantly cleaning and if I would just put things away immediately, THEN maybe I could say, "Yes, I am an organized housewife." But until then, I am just me. Scatter-brained and happy!


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