Wednesday, August 27

Homemade spaghetti

Last week I made homemade pizza from scratch. Really.
I used to say as long as I had to cook it it was "homemade" hence the need to mention it was "from scratch"!
So this week I took a stab at spaghetti--including the noodles! It was delicious!

First I had to cut the ends off the tomatoes (a ton of them--from my garden) and place them in a large pot. I put about a half inch of water in the bottom of the pan so I wouldn't burn them.
It took about 30 minutes to cook them. Then I let them cool. I took most of the skins off. Then I used my handy dandy hand blender ($2 at the thrift store--LOVE this thing!) and buzzed away. I poured it into a mesh colander, kind of mushing the sludge through it. This left the seeds and tiny pieces of skin. (Make sure to clean the colander immediately or you will never get it clean! --TRUST ME!)

Chop some onion, garlic, and saute in the big pot. I did the hamburger and mushrooms too right away (against the recipe's suggestion). Add some basil and oregano and simmer for what seems like an eternity until the pureed tomatoes condense to a sauce. Oh! I forgot! There was a tbsp. of Worcheshire sauce and a heavy tsp. of beef base or bullion that gave it a nice rich color (and flavor)

I had to move the sauce out of the pan and into this gorgeous serving dish so I could cook the pasta. I made the pasta with my Presto Machine ($6 at the thrift store) using semolina flour, eggs, and a titch of oil. Yes, I did actually serve the sauce out of this bowl. If my hubby would've been home for dinner, I would've made it a bit prettier.

I had leftover hamburger buns so i took some chopped garlic and mixed it with some butter to make garlic bread. I was pretty proud of myself with the garlic bread because I have a poor tendency to waste things like leftover hamburger or hotdog buns.


Sharon Brumfield said...

I think this would surely earn you the title of Susie Homemaker!
Spaghetti sauce was the first thing my Mom taught me how to cook. Of course we did not do the fresh tomatoes.....but the rest sounded similar. I also put the ground meat in to cook with the gives it a much better flavor.
I have never tried making my own pasta....good for you.
And the hamburger buns brought back memories of childhood...we used to do the same thing.

try2bAsunbeam said...

LOL I was thinking the same thing about Suzie Homemaker when I was typing it!
I did put hamburger in it. I thought I mentioned that I put it in with the onion and green pepper when the recipe said to do it separate and add it right before serving it. I thought to myself, "Why dirty another pan?" lol


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