Friday, November 28


So, my Thanksgiving was spent with friends. It was a wonderful time, excellent food, great fellowship with believers...

Wednesday night, I was in a car accident.

So, I was sore, limping like I was 80 which gave a few of my friends some good chuckles. I had a green light and a car turned left in front of me. Some weird things happened like the passenger disappeared and a witness said I floored it to make it through a yellow light which turned red. I don't get it. I was insured, they weren't... That's probably where the lies came from, but the Lord is in control. So, I am not going to worry about it. I feel like I got hit by a train, sprained my good (haha) hand so now I went from a brace on my right hand to one on my left. Go figure. House smashes into my porch last month, and now this. Thank God for insurance...Thank God for everything.

Such a blank statement, eh? Thank God for everything. What if God took away everything we've not verbally thanked Him for? What would we have left? We say Thanks for everything, but what is actually included in that "everything"? Are we really saying thank you for everything or is it really just thank you for everything that I am really thankful for? I don't think it includes the things we take for granted. I was thinking of something as simple as water. I have water. I have running water. I have water on demand. I don't have to go get it from a nasty stream or even a clean stream. I have water that is filtered with things in it to make my teeth healthier. And if I am really picky because I don't care for the taste of the water that freely comes out of my faucet, I can got to the store and buy some good water...I can buy water with vitamins, or I can get some with a nice flavor in case I don't like the water I get freely out of my faucet...That's just one small thing. What about my closet filled with clothes or my rack of shoes, or my cooshy bed with a pillow top mattress that wasn't good enough so we added some memory foam...hmmm...I am really thankful or do I just say it because I know I should? Or because it sounds good to other people when I say it?

I am so spoiled...
I usually call it being blessed.
But is it? When is what I have too much? Computers laptops, cell phones, regular phone, dial-up high speed or road-runner fast...13" or 27", soap or soap with soft lotions that feel nice... what am I giving up in this life to gain in eternity??

Thanksgiving and a good smashing always makes a person think a little, eh? Thanks for hearing my thoughts...


Sharon Brumfield said...

I am glad that you were not hurt worse than you were. Goodness girl!
Your thoughts are right on. The other night as I was getting in and out of the bed I thanked Him for the hands I have...for the legs and feet that work properly.
Even though we seem to be living pretty simply right now there are those who have less than we do. And then I do feel blessed that I am not living in a house that I can not afford wondering if I am going to loose it.
He has taken care of us....we really don't need more. What He gives us will be plenty...why should I not be happy.
Yes, I do think we are all spoiled. I would hope that the financial condition of our world would help us all reconsider our lives and the way we live...I know I am guilty of thinking I need things I don't.

Frasypoo said...

Amen !

PS:We are the same way with our mattress too!

Jessie said...

I am so glad you are safe and sound. God is good. We should never feel badly about how He likes to shower His children with good things. He is a perfect Father, THE perfect Father. He knows how to take care of His kids.


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