Tuesday, December 30


Here we go again!


The flight was bound for Flint. None of the 40 passengers was injured.

This was a local news story. Take out the prepositional phrase and it reads, "None was injured." That's how I teach my daughter to find the mistakes--take out the unnecessary words and phrases.
Last night I had an MRI and the tech kept saying over and over, "You're doing real good." When you're in that little tube with all that banging and then the tech keeps saying the same grammatically incorrect statement, you tend to wonder what school he went to. I hope he paid more attention for his medical exams than he did for his English exams! lol I'm glad I did really well in my exam so it only took an hour...

PS (I'm not claiming perfection here, I just notice it all the time because I am teaching these things to my daughter.)


Frasypoo said...

I know what you mean,I cant stand grammatical errors.It drives me crazy!Spelling mistakes are worse!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Do you know I think about this each time I write a post? I wish there was some where we could sent (ha) our posts so that they could proof read them.
O.k., the above bothers me so much I don't know if I can post the comment. :)

And why were we having an MRI last night?

try2bAsunbeam said...

I was having an MRI of my brain and neck in hopes of them figuring out how they can "fix" my neck. It all stems from the car accident in '04. The doctors say I have no permanent injury but I am still having pain and headaches. It's my thorn in my side to keep me humble! lol

Anonymous said...

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try2bAsunbeam said...

So, are you referring to a post in particular? I'm looking at this one and it has one sentence and then 2 paragraphs of me and my experience.

As for attracting readers, I don't think I write to attract people. I think I write because I want to. I don't suppsoe I even really have any focus to myblog except to write when I have time what I feel like writing. I am absolutely open to any criticism, so if you could be more detailed as to what you mean, I would definitely think about your critique.


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