Monday, January 19

Is it working?

I was asked by Frazypoo if my sludge is working. I'll get to that. First I want to tell you how it does taste better purple!

I added some strawberries to the blend the first day. Yuck.
Strawberry and banana the second. Still yuck-o.
Then I added blueberries-frozen-over a cup's worth...
blue + green = purple, Praise the Lord!
Ahh, tastes much better-but still slightly yuck!

To top off the irresistible flavor, the more fruit you add, the more sludge there is to drink. I also added some vanilla rice milk rather than plain ol' milk and that seemed to help the flavor. Seriously, with the blueberries, it seems ok...

On the day that I added the banana, I also added vanilla yogurt which didn't do much for it, in my opinion. Maybe it added some priobotics or whatever they are called, but the flavor was still yuck.
I don't mind it so much with the blueberries. It is tolerable. I know it's good for me which helps me trick my brain into thinking it tastes good.
I think, too, if I take the tablespoon of flax oil separate, that'll help. I plan to try that tomorrow. I think the flavor of that stuff overpowers the rest of the shake. The oil stuff is seriously the nastiest slime I've ever tasted. I would put it up there with the time my husband had run out of gas, siphoned some into a soda bottle and then...yep, chugged it. While I may not have chugged it myself, I surely can imagine the quality of that fine beverage. This "lemonade" flavored (yeah, right) oil has got to be of the same caliper!

Ok, so does it work?
Can I say it's probably too early to tell?? But I do feel much better in an overall sort of way. Yesterday, I just thought to myself, "yeah, I feel good." I don't really know why. I even felt thin. I mean, I wasn't any thinner than the day before, but for some reason, I just felt good. I think maybe the glucosimine may be helping my knee a bit as well. It seems to grind a little less, but that very well could be my positive thinking. After all, it's only been a week.

Frazypoo also asked where my headaches come from. I think my headaches are from the car accident years ago. I've had them ever since then. They used to be 24/7 right after the accident for month and then as time went on they seemed to ease up in intensity and in frequency. If I move my neck the wrong way, or strain it lifting something heavy or use my neck during a sit-up, I start to get the headaches more frequently again. So I would say they are caused by the tightness of the muscles in my neck.

But with the latest MRI, I wonder. I think I'm allowed to wonder...

I don't know if I mentioned the other day or not that when I had my MRI they found a cyst in my neck...I found one in my left hand the other day as well. The same spot as I had one in my right hand at the base of my middle finger that they removed a few years ago. It feels like a small pea, but it hurts. I must be just susceptible to these things. They aren't liquid filled cysts that they can just stick a needle in and suck out the juice, either. (sorry for the graphics here) Instead they are filled with more sludge.

At least it's not green!


Frasypoo said...

I hope that those cysts go away.
Its a year for green!!!
Will look up some home remedies for you

Sharon Brumfield said...

I know about the cysts thing...had two removed about a month ago. And yes, they say that some people just get them more. Hope mine do not come back.

I have still not made my healthy shake....very nervous about it. But I did spend the money and so I have told my work out buddy that I will start it Monday. I will let you know how it tastes. They tell us to mix it with Juice...I got apple.
Not looking forward to it.


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2. Foul vocal emissions

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4. Lack of peace and joy

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