Thursday, January 15

Green sludge

So after forcing myself to drink this green sludge, yesterday, I think I felt some improvement. And if I didn't really improve, I will tell myself I did anyway!
I spent a few $$ on some supplements from This is the cheapest place to get vitamins and their shipping is only $5 no matter how much you buy!

I got a whole food shake that has every vitamin imaginable tucked in with some seaweed, tons of veggies, fruits, and some mushrooms (not the wacky kind, I don't think!). This is some power packed stuff which I mix with some milk, a scoop of Barleans greens (more seaweed! lol), a tablespoon of Barleans Omega 3-6-9 mix (flax, fish, and borage oil) and also a tablespoon of liquid glucosimine Chondroitin (praying this is God's way of healing my wrists and knees and hip and neck and...).

I also still take my Natural Calm which is magnesium in it's most easily assimilated form. I drink that disolved in hot water with some orange juice. This is some awesome stuff! It is the only supplement I have ever taken and truly felt it work! They say most everyone is deficient in magnesium and it controls over 250 functions of our bodies! Love this stuff!

As for the green drink, I have to convince myself that it is is good for me. Yesterday, I forced it all down and it was to be quite honest, disgusting. Today I blended in some frozen strawberries and it was a bit more tolerable. I thought yesterday, "If I don't throw up, I will have done well."


Frasypoo said...

I think I missed the post where you explained why you are drinking this?
Some bananas mashed in may be good too....

try2bAsunbeam said...


because I am fat?
because I don't eat right?
because I don't eat breakfast?
because I'm unhealthy?
because of my insane headaches?
because of the pain from my car accidents?

I dunno why....
but it seemed like a good idea...


Sharon Brumfield said...

I don't know if I mentioned that I bought over a week ago all the things to do a healthy cleanse. I bought liquid aloe, liquid chlorophyll-both good for the skin and the entire body. And three other things that make up the "milkshake". I have been forewarned that it is nasty. And doctor did say that I should mix it with some non acidic juice so that I could get it down.
Have I mentioned that I have not started it yet? :) I know it will be good for my body and I bought I will soon get brave enough to do what is good for me.

Keep up the good work......I will soon be drinking nasty stuff too!

Frasypoo said...

Next question:Does it seem to help?
One of my blogging friends Incognito is a whiz at natural remedies.will send her over to see what her suggestions are.
Are your headaches migraines or related to the accident?


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