Saturday, September 29


Good morning!! (I am frantically searching for my I can feel completely relaxed as I type...hold's in the kitchen)


Good morning! (feeling much more at peace with coffee in reaching distance! lol)

Today is the day they are starting my siding. Well, I thought it was "they" but all that came was a "he"...
Well, they are doing it for $3900 and I buy materials. Which I was thinking may not be such a good when I went to price everything out. But when I actually went to buy the stuff yesterday, it was mostly on SALE!!! God is so good to me! He knows everything I am up to! It's like the verses in Job where God said to Satan, "Have you considered my servant Job" and Satan said, something like yeah, right, you've got a hedge on him, his family, his stuff, everything of Job's, so why would I consider Job??" Well, God has a hedge around His faithful children. I think I am faithful? Well, I hope I am being faithful enough.

Before bible study last night we went down by the mall to pass out tracts and do some street evangelism. Those 3 round of antibiotics for my tooth infection are wreaking havoc on my body so I went to the GNC to get some acidolphilis and cranberry supplements rather than stay with Craig outside the mall. The young lady at the counter asked if I needed any help. I said" that depends on how much knowledge you have." Could I possibly been any more rude? She said "well, I have to have some knowledge to work in the store, ya think?" That was the point I realized what a snobby comment I had made. I apologized for what I had said and explained that I had meant it in the sense of Home Depot employees who are "experts" in their department and that I really shouldn't have said it. So, the sweet young lady still helped me. I can't say I really needed help as I knew what I had come for but in the back of my mind, I thought maybe I could witness to her.

She began asking me and my daughter questions about school, which led to questions about homeschool, which led to the question of why I homeschool, which led to God. At the register, I pulled out a tract and asked her "if you died today and God asked you why He should let her into heaven, what would she reply?" She said "I don't know, I need to ask myself that more often". (I think she was thinking of the WWJD mentality)

I explained that Christ died for all our sins and that if He already paid we have no reason to worry about going to hell to pay ourselves. That I grew up thinking yeah, Christ paid for my sins, BUT I still had to at least try to keep the commandments and that because I threw in that itty bitty bit of me being faithful, I wasn't ever saved. (Romans 4:5 says "But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness ) I was trying to hold on to Christ rather than trusting he was holding onto me.

She said as long a she had faith in God she and everyone else was ok.

That is what most people say. So, is that true? Is everyone ok? We just need to believe in God? Which one? How much? Believe what? According to this young lady, none of those things matter. So, I guess I may as well throw my Bible away, because what it says doesn't matter?

I was gracious and just told her that there are many people who believe in God and that when they die, "God will ask them why should I let you into my heaven?" In Matt. 7 21, the people say Lord, Lord, we did this and this and this in YOUR name! Let us in!! (like Becca's version?) and He says, get away from me, you who practice lawlessness (sin) I NEVER knew you! ( not I knew you once and you lost your salvation, but rather I never, ever, at no point in time knew you--Greek word is gnosko) I mean, they say all the wonderful things they did for God and He says, yes, but what about your sin? They were saying how good they were and all their good deeds God says, your good doesn't take away your bad. For me, if God says why should i let you into my heaven? I would say , because you paid for my sins so I wouldn't have to. You promised, and YOU DO NOT LIE! I have accepted the FREE gift of salvation, no strings attached, no BUT's added to it. No but I need to be baptized, no BUT you can't live however you want, no BUT you need to repent, no BUTs at all! It is all Him, none of myself.

She still said that as long as she believed in God, she was ok. I left it at that, suggested gently she read to learn more. And went on my way. That is all I can do. That and pray for her salvation.

Her name was Jacinda. A sweet young girl...


Anonymous said...

This remind me of a time my sister and I were shopping with my mom - I had to be about 13 - we went with her everywhere (I guess that's how it is when you're home-schooled) =)
Anyway, it was around Christmas time and there was a bell-ringer out front at the mall. I remember he was a young handsome guy - he had beautiful eyes. Anyway, my mom stopped for him and asked about the Salvation Army - something about what they are affiliated with (it was so long ago, I don't remember exactly). Anyway, they started talking about religion because he said he was Buddhist, but didn't really practice. My mom told him all about her faith in Jesus and asked him to read the book of John. He didn't have a Bible, so you know what she did? She went into the mall and bought him a Bible at Barnes and Noble. She then wrote a long message in the front cover and gave him her email address so that he could contact her, but not until after he read the book of John.
I don't know what ever came of his life, but my mom always told me that sometimes we are part of the planting of the seed, and sometimes we are part of the harvest.
I really admire my mom and her strength, and I'm sure your daughter will do the same for you.

try2bAsunbeam said...

Thank you for your kind comments and sharing your story. I can only hope that my daughter sees what I do as strength. I would imagine as a child, I am kind of embarrassing to her! LOL I *know* she completely dislikes when I skip through the mall...or I sing at the grocery store...Oh, I'm just kidding! I think she appreciates what I do and how I am. SHe started passing out tracts herself recently! (I don't force my kids to witness--people think I do, but I don't)
Thanks again for the comment! (I LOVE to get comments! hehe)

Anonymous said...

God is so good! I love how He is always so good to us and how His blessings are in our everyday life (you know, sales at stores and stuff. *wink*) I always go shopping with the Holy Spirit! *giggles*

I admire your boldness!!! It is so awesome how you witness. I am sitting here reading this imagining being in pain and still witnessing to others the Love of Christ and salvation. WOW! I definitely want you to rub off on me...((Hugs))

Anonymous said...

Haha...I think my sister and I embarrassed my mom more than she did us =) We were always teasing her and trying to draw attention because she was much more reserved.

try2bAsunbeam said...

Jessie, I love your comments but I feel the need for perspective (for the sake of my own head getting too big by all the complements *wink*).
I am nothing. I think I'm only doing what I'm supposed to do. I think the Great Commision is to everyone, not just pastors.

try2bAsunbeam said...

Jessie- my comment when I went back to it, felt dry for lack of a better word...
I personally m encouraged by you and the way you share God's word on your blog. I always appreciate your wisdom in regards to what you read!


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