Wednesday, October 24

A dream...

Monday, I told a parable or analogy. I am not one to just sit on something. I am a doer, not just a hearer. Maybe I am crazy, but here is what I did yesterday in regards to my parable. I called almost everyone in my church and asked them if they would like to be part of "my anonomous poll." I asked if they felt the church was divided and they all said "yes." (I only called people who I kinew would say "yes" so as not to cause problems for those who would say "no") So then I said for them to think of that division as a wall and to give me two ways the wall is being built. They told me two (or more) ways other people were building the wall. I did my best to council them in their reasons. Talking about how our attitudes are sometimes a hinderance in these sort of situations and blah blah blah...Then, a little bit later said "oh, I forgot the last question!"

" Tell me one way you are building the wall."

Most said, "I'm not"
The answers did not surprise me. But one person said, "what?" So I repeated the question. "I am not building teh wall, I am merely maintaining it. Is that an acceptable answer?" I replied, "I can't say it was acceptable, but it was definitly expected."

Out of all the people I asked only one, other than myself, gave me a way they were building the wall, and one called back an hour later to change his response from "I'm not building it," to something else. Then I had to add a new question, becasue of the lack of taking responsibility for the wall...I asked, "What is one way you are trying to tear down the wall?"

One person asked me, "Are you doing this just to get us to think?"
I don't think I was. I really planned to give the list to the people on the other side of the fence. (During my poll, I shared why the other side felt the wall was there. That's kind of where I got the idea for a poll) I must say I have learned through this who's hearts are harder to reach and who's still seem pliable. I still have a few more to call.

Today, a close friend of mine came up with a great idea. She said we should give people pieces of paper to write one thing they are thankful for or appreciate in each person in the church. Then we would compile books for each person and share them at the yearly Thanksgiving dinner. I really liked her idea. As I've went doing my thing it felt so negative and gloomy but her idea is so much more positive. She said she came up with it while she was coming up with her answers to my poll. That after coming up with the negative answers, she made a list of the positives and it made her see the other side of the fence in a much better light!

We are all part of the body and God put us where we are so we can bring something positive to the other people. And while I do not know what I bring, I sure hope I bring something and if I don't, I have some serious spiritual issues, I think. I really feel that God is going to work this out.

Martin Luther had a dream of unity and so do I!


Sharon said...

I think this was good thinking. I remember when we first got to our church it was being "run" by a small group.
We jumped in behind our pastor and began to serve and love.
There were some rough spots here and there.Somebody even told me that I would not be happy until my name was one the sign outside as the pastor.:(
As much as we want unity-Satan will fight us every step of the way.
Keep fighting the good fight. It is important for us to help bring about an answer to Jesus prayer for unity.Are you going to do the little books?

try2bAsunbeam said...

I don't think we are...Only becasue the one side of the fence is the leadership and the other side is the sheep. So, they don't think we should pat people on the back until they deal with their "issues". I agree with them. They also said my poll should've been run past them first becasue although my motives were good, it encourages the disunity. They pretty much said I need to hop off the fence and as much as I hate to leave the people in the mud of their sin, my getting dirty to pull them out is unscriptural. They know what they need to do, they know their attitudes are wrong. I want to move ahead, and grow closer to my God and I guess, if it means they fall to the wayside because they don't want to, I guess that's the way it is. I think I did what was right and now it is up to them to follow through.

Sharon said...

There have been a few times that I can think of--one very recent--where God told me to move on and stop waiting. I had been praying and fasting for this friend/Christian sister for several years.I did not want to move on because I thought me hanging out and sharing with her would motivate her to follow. Didn't happen. Finally I obeyed God and told her that I had to sever communication and fellowship with her until she got serious. If you are not moving and don't want to move--you are in rebellion.
Leaving her behind was very painful. We had been close spiritual sister until she went into her rebellion.
Because of my obedience and prayer and fasting--within three months she was moving forward full force.
She is back.
I don't know what type of church you go to. But praying and fasting has worked big time in our church.

try2bAsunbeam said...

We are non-denominational, born-again, once saved always saved Christians. I pray for them often but probably not enough and I've never fasted. Pastor says it isn't for the New Testament church. Are there scriptures that say it is? I don't know. Regardless, "the prayer of a righteous man availeth much" I hope I am righteous enough for God to be hearing what I am asking. ;) Regardless, it is up to the person to choose to be submit to the authority God has given them and to serve those authorities "heartily as for God and not for man"

Sharon said...

Glad I came back and checked for a response to this.
Yes, there are places in the New Testament where Jesus tells the Jews that after He leaves they will fast.
I don't know this verse off hand--I'll try and find it tomorrow.
I believe our prayers and fasting are used by God to soften peoples hearts.
He holds all our tears and sometimes He entrusts us with burdens because He knows he can trust us to pound on the gates of heaven and help release his will here on earth.
We used to be Baptist--two weeks ago we became non denominational.
We believe Christ crucified, raised, and sitting at the right hand of the Father. Once saved always saved. But we believe that there are many sitting in the church today that think they are saved but are not. Just because you say some words does not mean you are saved.

try2bAsunbeam said...

I couldn't agree more. Many people have their faith in their prayer, or in many things other than "nothin' but the blood of Je-sus" (I'm singing here) but the sad thing is so many more have the false misconception of "Jesus+ a little bit of me." Like Jesus died for all my sins, but if I go live in sin, I'll lose my salvation--which makes no's a blatant contridiction. Anyway, I don't want to get on a soapbox here...It's just that I was one of those false Christian people so I want to shout it from the rooftops how easy it is to be deceived and how that little bit of leaven nulifies the grace offered...

I would love to see those scriptures...Trust me, the only thing I know for sure is that I will be heaven when I die, becasue I have NOTHING to do with going (well, except, accepting the sacrifice) beyond that, I can only hope I've got the rest right!

Edge of Design said...

I assume you knew these people well enough to know they wouldn't think you had something put in your coffee that morning, yes? I must say, it really took an act of courage on your part. Awesome! Thanks for doing that for Him!

Sharon said...

I went to
and entered fast or fasting just in the New Testament.
Here are a few verses from the new testament.
Mat 9:15
Mark 2:19
Luke 5:35
Acts 13:3
Acts 14:23
As we know it is important not just to single out a single verse and use it to back your belief make sure you read some verses around the verses I listed.
If you notice the disciples were still fasting after Jesus had returned to heaven.
I would like to know what verses your pastor uses to back his view on fasting.
Fasting is good for your body and it cleans out the toxins in your brain.
Just some thoughts.

try2bAsunbeam said...

Oh, thankyou for your faithfulness!
I don't think I said he was against it, just that it wasn't required and so he doesn't do it. But I'm not sure. I think his point is that prayer and fasting doesn't change the world by itself- there needs to be action from the people. I know people pray for revival, but God expects us to share His word to cause the revival. Not saying that we shouldn't pray and fast, but we need to being doing the other things God has told us to do as well. I can pray and fast all the time but if souls are not converted through hearing His word, me sharing it as commanded...well, I don't see God as zapping people with faith...IYKWIM...
When you fast, do you do it for a while? I mean is htere a specific way to go about it?

try2bAsunbeam said...

Oh, edge of design--you are funny!! Of course I know them! Our church is so small, we all know each other to a certain extent, but this division affects me more, I think, becasue I don't just know them all, I am actually close to all involved. (You could read the previous post to maybe get a better understanding)

Edge of Design said...

I did read your post and now that I have had a chance to reread it and ponder it for awhile, you do have an option. Prayer! At times it seems like such a pat answer and yet when hearts are truly seeking the Lord, should it be that much of a surprise when the Lord does a stirring up and a shaking up. Unfortunately, there are those who adhere to bitterness and unforgiveness and won't budge. Yet, with God, all things are possible even tearing down walls and fences. Yours is a heart for God and don't let any fence destroy that.

ChRlswfe4Jesus said...

It is me. LOL Just checking in. I do believe there is a correct way to fast and that is between the person and God. I also have witnessed more change in the one fasting that 'who' or 'what' they are fasting about. It is like God is then able to do the work He has wanted to do on the soul. Dawn

try2bAsunbeam said...

Hi, Dawn! I am still pondering the fasting. While I don't see where I am told to do it, I also don't see what it hurts. I am going to look into it further.

Sharon said...

I have fasted many different ways and for different lengths.It changes our hearts and it has helped others.
I have fasted from food and I have fasted from other things.
I agree that fasting is not to stop us from going into all the world.
I know there are many who believe that fasting is not for today. But if Jesus said His disciples would fast after He was gone-I take it that that means all of His disciples.

A little something for you on my Sunday post!

Sharon said...

You have not offended me and I will not delete your comment.
I guess I never really thought about the dresses the women were wearing. I am a conservative dresser and I am not sure if I would wear one of the dresses or not. I don't know what the other side of the dresses look like. I do not wear low cut things to draw attention to what is to be for my husband only.
The thing I like about the picture is that the women are walking arm in arm together. You don't see their faces so they could be any of us.All the women are the center of attention and not just one woman. That is how it should be. All of us moving together as one.
I will not be offended if you do not post it on you blog. We are sister by blood-that will never change.

Jessie said...

I have found that fasting humbles a person. We do practice fasting in our family.

Girl, this was an awesome post. I love reading of your courage and boldness. You go!!


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