Wednesday, December 5

Not a perfect breakfast.

I didn't realize it had been almost a week since I posted last! I've been checking in, but not having the spare moments to actually write anything.

I bought some wheat flakes from the bins at the grocery store thinking I could cook them like oatmeal. Have you ever had cooked wheat like that? This new diet suggests whole grains cooked in the itty bitty slowcooker overnight. The wheat looked like oatmeal, so I assumed they would cook like oatmeal. So, I got them home and they weren't in the cookbook. There was Amarath, quinoa, oats, rice, but no wheat! So I thought, "now what?" Either I try to cook them anyway or I waste my 65 cents. I decided that I would give it a try. 1/3 cup wheat to 2 cups water. Same as I had been doing for the bran and oatmeal cereals. Well, I opened the crock this morning and had cooked wheat alright...It was floating in the water! I took it out with a slotted spoon, squished the excess water out. Then I topped my pile of...(I can't think of a good word to describe it...)with some applesauce and it was delicious!

My major accomplishment for the week: I ate breakfast every day this week-- I know it's only Wednesday, but hey, I made it past Tuesday!! This is HUGE! (*patting myself on the back*)

Does anyone like cold coffee? I always start my morning with my cup of coffee. I love the new New International Delights creamer flavored Vanilla Caramel Brownie! Anyway, my coffee always gets cold and I guess I'm too lazy to heat it up. It tastes good warm or cold to me. Although, I do like it better warm. Wow, I am completely babbling....

I just didn't want to leave my friends out there thinking I had fallen off the planet! lol

c-ya *giggles*

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Anonymous said...

Since the summer, after becoming a vegetarian, I started eating breakfast every morning. It's a lot harder when you're not a morning person, but I'm so glad I do it now. I love oat meal and whole wheat english muffins with natural peanut butter on them! I've never tried cooking wheat like this before...sounds very interesting!


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