Thursday, August 28

I can be poo

At my church, there is a weekly bible study held every week on Friday. Yes, I am a regular attendee. I've only missed one or two times due to illness. (I'm not patting myself on the back, just giving background.) There are two verses that the attendees are expected to memorize. Then we take turns reciting them and everyone can give their opinion as to what they think they mean. The person who says the verse gets to pick the next week's verse to memorize. Last week I was the one to recite the verse so I got to pick one of this weeks verses for everyone to memorize.

I like to hear what everyone has to say about the Proverbs because we all come from such different walks of life. Application of verses can run the gammon. I picked:

Proverbs 14:4
Where no oxen are, the manger is clean,
But much revenue comes by the strength of the ox.
Craig said I can't share what I thought at church so you'all are blessed with my thoughts. haha!
I think of the oxen owners as the leaders, the pastors, those who are disciplining. If their are no oxen or disciples, there is no poo and the manager is clean. If a Pastor or any Christian really chooses not to disciple and share the faith and interact within the body, they don't have any poo to deal with either. Some examples of what I mean might be that when you take someone under your wing, you may get a phone call at midnight with your sister in Christ crying about her unbelieving husband and wanting to know how to deal with it. Small poo, small shovel. Maybe some one you led to the Lord is thinking they are of no use to God and is contemplating taking their own life. Big pile of poo-You might need help with this shovel. Maybe I myself am a big ox with a pile of poo when I call the pastor whining about my kids or my unsaved family or whatever. I can be poo, too...
It's easy to keep our own mangers clean, but it's not so easy to help other people clean up the messes in their life. I could hide out in my house, reading my Bible and being faithful to God on my own, but like James says, "Faith without works is useless, being by itself." What good is my faith if I just clean up myself; I need to clean up after others, so to speak.
The second half of the verse to me just shows how if we do put ourselves out there, God will give us reward for our work. I liken the revenue to the rewards in heaven for being faithful and the strength of the ox to the gumption it takes for us to go out and do something. And if you think about it, if you as an oxen owner choose to have a lot of oxen, think of how much work can be accomplished by having those oxen and all the revenue that could be passed on to you by their faithful work in following after their owner.
I don't know if I have communicated what I wanted to, but I hope I did. Please leave your thoughts as to what I said and also your application of the verse. :)


Sharon Brumfield said...

I am sure most wondered what you were doing when you picked this verse...but what a treasure you pulled from it.
You are right....getting involved in the lives of our brothers and sisters can really make sure we came and all. :)

ChRlswfe4Jesus said...

Thanks to your husband for not poo pooing your sharing with us.

Oh, how true. I think of all of those "Christians" that say "I love you, in Christ". Now I have a better response. LOL Isn't is all about convenience and inconvenience yet we are commanded to LOVE. And God's love really does deal with all the poo. Dawn


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