Monday, April 6

God is love

At our local airport, our church has permission to witness, handing out tracts. I had a really nice conversation with a gentlemen, kind of makes you bubbly when people talk to you. Brightens the day. It's like after standing there for an hour offering tracts without anyone stopping to talk giving you a boost of caffeine to keep you going for another hour or so!

And then, I said to a lovely couple walking by, the husband pushing the stroller while the mom was holding an absolutely cute and cuddly baby, "Would you like a free book about Jesu---". I never got the "s" out before she cranked her head back and contorted her once pretty face into that "look". The look of disgust, putrid disgust of "how could you possibly say that name out loud. How dare you?"

For a moment
I think,
"that's the look on God's face right now"
as He peers down at her lost soul (an assumption on my part)
and then
I realize
His face
would have
a tear
with her name on it.


Sharon Brumfield said...

You are so right girl...whenever I am tempted to judge I remember that He loves that one just as much as me.
And then when I think of how they are going to regret hurting him so....I remember how often I have hurt him myself.

And I know what you mean about the witnessing...and the little adrenaline rush when someone stands with you in agreement or just doesn't shut you down. Maybe instead of adrenaline rush it is just the Spirit turning up the heat. :)
You keep reaching out in His name...and that woman...I pray that God uses you standing there to like a splinter in her foot. Everywhere she goes I pray she remembers the name you spoke. I pray that one day that seed will be a mighty oak.

Anonymous said...

Just as you would think that a Hindu trying to convert you is misinformed and a bit presumptuous, she thinks that of you. It's a natural sentiment when someone is telling you that their beliefs are superior to yours and more correct, and I'm sure you would feel similarly offended if you were stopped in an airport by someone who felt the need to tell you that the Bible is a myth and that your way is the wrong one. That is essentially what you're telling her.

try2bAsunbeam said...

First of all, no one from any religion other than Jehovah Witness has tried to convert me. If they did, I don't think I would be offended. I would be quite impressed, to be honest. I'm sure it would be quite a discussion. That is why I was happy to study with the Jehovah Witnesses when they came to my home for over 6 months. Unfortunately, they couldn't answer my questions and so THEY decided to end the study. If someone has something out there that gives me more than the God's word has, I would be happy to listen. Just because I have no issues with my faith and am confident in what I am sharing doesn't mean I look at other people as less because they have not heard or do not know or choose to follow their own path. That is their choice. Do I think it's good? Well, no, but God gave man a free will to do what they want. Regardless, when they die and stand before Him, they will have to answer to Him (not me). It is presumptuous of you to assume my thoughts or feelings and if you knew me or had talked to me, you probably wouldn't say what you have said.


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