Wednesday, April 1

Not invited...

I went to read one of the blogs I like to read and blogger said I couldn't because I wasn't invited...
Did I make you mad?

*sigh again*

One time I posted on a Christian woman's blog and she ignored me...Didn't even approve my post...Just trying to figure out why a person would have a public blog and then not want to interact with people who read it...What's the point? Maybe I am just missing something...

Ok, done biggie... I love the comments, the interaction so keep bringin' it!

Oh, hey!!
Do you like the new blog layout? I tried three column ones before and could never get them to work without losing half my widgets, but I figured it out!!

, have that, you uncooperative 3-column layout!!

feeling frisky today... :)


Sharon Brumfield said...

I LOVE the new look! Way to go...I am impressed. Maybe I should let you play with my blog.

As far as your post...I HEAR you girl. If I leave comments on someones blog and they don't respond....I quit going. I really do take it like a sign that they don't really want to develop a relationship. I started blogging to develop relationship---I don't go to read to just read. That is what my Bible time is for..understand? So when I post things...I want to know how it strikes you...if you agree or if you don't...for me it is breaking bread together. Some don't want to do that and yes, sometimes it hurts...but I just move on.
In face to face life not everyone I meet becomes a I guess I should expect the same here.

I guess I can look at it in a positive way too...If someone does not want to interact that is more time I can spend with someone else. :) Or maybe God is just putting up His hand of protection.

TawanaB said...

I have to agree, I love comments but here's another side to the story lol. Maybe those dummies (er I mean) people are like me, (dummy #1) and have been bloggin' for 4 months and just now figured out that people write back to people in their own comments!!! I couldn't figure out how people would know that I liked what they said or wanted to respond and I'm still not sure exactly if that is what you do. So, I started out by going to their blogs and commenting and then thanking them for stopping by but I didn't feel right mentioning my blog in their comment (felt like I was advertising or something). So with that said lol, just wanted to say that maybe "some" didn't comment back because like me they didn't know what they were doing. We need a dummies book for blogging with simple little things like that in it lol.
Now on to your blog :) I love reading your blogs, I love the new layout and wish I was savvy enough to figure out how to do it also. I'm always afraid I will lose my widgets etc and not be able to bring them back. I've found some on the internet that were 3 column but nothing that fits what I would like my blog to look like. I want my blog writing AND my blog look to reflect my love for the Lord. Any suggestions?
I am always searching for new brothers and sisters in the Lord and I follow them everywhere lol, I've been getting a 404 error a lot when I try to follow and quite a few of them say that I'm not allowed to so I know what you mean there. I have to agree with you, why write a christian blog for others to see and then deny them access? Anyway, I will end with this, keep doing what you are doing. Your blogs are inspiring and witty and I for one love them. :)

try2bAsunbeam said...

Awww, shucks...


You like my blog??!! :)

I should do a post just for you two on how I got the 3-column thingee to work. I'm not a pro, I just figured it out. I printed the two HTMLs of both layouts, compared and then cut and pasted the lines for the widgets. Ahh... and made sure to save the old one--"just in case".

If you find a 3-column you like, maybe I could help you...on the bottom of my page is a link to where I got mine. It seemed to be the only one I could "figure" out.


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